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Ricardo and Emma

It was such pleasure to photograph Ricardo and Emmas wedding. We photographed Emma’s sister Sarah’s wedding quite a few years back now, so it was nice to catch up with the family again, and be trusted to document such an important family occasion again!

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Daniel and Sara

How do we sum up Daniel and Sara and their wedding day? I think mentioning the first time we met them they were dressed as Mario and Luigi and had massive smiles on their faces probably sums up their personalities quite nicely! Their wedding day was a joy to photograph. Sara was a rock-star princess dressed by George Wu, Dan dressed in Wil Valor looked incredibly dashing and couldn’t wipe the smile off his face upon seeing Sara walking down the aisle. He was mesmerised.

We love it when we meet a couple who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Every emotion felt is radiated on their faces, and it is what makes us fall in love with what we do again and again.

Daniel and Sara came to us by way of fate- they entered “Race to the Altar” and as luck would have it- they won their dream wedding!

We loved spoiling them with incredible prizes from us- Deep Grey, and also a string of fabulous Brisbane wedding suppliers including Spring Brisbane, Xennox Diamonds, Motion Art, Wil Valor, George Wu, Sofitel Brisbane Central, Shoes of Prey, Creative Little Studio, The Beauty Case, Mayfield Chocolates, Blossom Beauty Studio, Ceremonies & Celebrations, Styled Events, Gillian Bell Cake, Butterfly Lounge, Holden Oldies, Main Event Weddings, Weddingstar!

We hope you enjoy looking through a snapshot of their wedding day!

Sara and Daniel we wish you all the best as you start your lives together as husband and wife- we are glad you entered Race to the Altar– it was a pleasure to get to know you both, and to photograph your love on your wedding day!

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I thought I would post a few photos of the beautiful album we created with Daniel and Sara. We never feel like our work is truly done until we hand over these incredible keepsakes. Daniel commented how he loved the tactileness of the album, how it looked, felt and the thickness of the pages… It’s true- seeing and touching your wedding album for the first time is pretty exciting. Images displayed on a screen will never quite compare to the vibrancy of a photographic print, lovingly bound into a handcrafted leather album and the feeling of taking it home, snuggling up on the couch and reliving all of your crazy antics and romantic moments all over again, and again, and again:)

IMG_4007 IMG_4009 IMG_4026

Daniel and Sara’s wedding was featured on the lovely wedding blog Polka Dot Bride, so if you want a little more inside goss on this gorgeous couple and some more intimate details of their beautiful wedding day, you can check it out here: http://www.polkadotbride.com/2014/11/spring-garden-wedding-2/ 🙂


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Paolo and Remie

The morning started with Remie getting dressed surrounded by her girlfriends and her mother, and was made complete by the delivery of a rose and a sweet note from Paolo as she got ready to head out to marry him. (That’s a bit cute!)

Paolo and Remie were married at Old Government House in Brisbane. What a beautiful venue! Of all our years photographing weddings in Brisbane, this was the first time we had shot a wedding in Government House, needless to say, we were impressedSmile

The photo shoot was a mad rush, from QUT, to Brisbane’s Powerhouse, to the streets surrounding the Marriot at Sunset! The bridal party were fantastic as were Paolo and Remie (if you remember their engagement shoot you will remember it was shot in around 15mins due to manic traffic!!!).

Oh and the the interpretative dancers at the reception deserve a special shout out- they acted out scenes from Paolo and Remies lives. Very very hilarious- and it also shows how loved Paolo and Remie are by their friends.

It was a pleasure to meet you bothSmile Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your wedding day!


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Daniel and Talia

Quite a few years ago, we met Talia as a bridesmaid whilst photographing her girlfriend Hayley’s wedding.

Daniel and Talias beautiful wedding took place in Brisbane at the Latter-Day Saint Temple with a few close friends and family present. They then headed down to Currumbin Beach and Valley for their formal photographs.

After their relaxed photoshoot, we headed inland to their stunning outdoor wedding reception, where they partied with their guests! They had a sweet little ring ceremony for those unable to attend the wedding in Brisbane, and despite a little rain had a magical evening outsideSmile


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Grant and Melissa

Grant and Melissa were married at Woodlands of Marburg, it was the first wedding we have photographed there, and can now say that we highly recommend it. What an amazing venue! Again we found ourselves working alongside the lovely celebrant Fiona from Marry-Me. Even though it was forecast rain, we had a beautiful dry cloudy day to enjoy the celebrationsSmile It was lovely to see a couple of familiar faces dotted in the crowd too!

Grant and Melissa are one seriously talented pair- from Melissa and her mother creating her beautiful rustic garden bouquets, to the two of them creating everything from table centrepieces, their beautiful wish cards, cute little cake toppers and lots of other  homemade pretties. I’m sure they kept you up late for quite a few nights- but the results were awesome!

We hope the two of you have a fantastic Island Christmas, and we look forward to catching up with you in the new year.

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