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Michael and Tegan

We were looking forward to Michael and Tegan’s wedding after their amazing Engagement shoot last year (almost a year to the date before the weddingSmile).

I think my fave image of the day would have to be the rose petals… the wedding co-ordinated decided to throw petals at the happy couple as they walked back into Tattersals Club after their wedding photo shoot. Michael looks a little… confused hahahaha! Honestly makes me laugh every time I see it!

Thanks for trusting us to photograph your wedding guys- it was great meeting you and sharing the experience with you. All the best!

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Michael and Lindsay

You might remember Michael and Lindsay’s spunky engagement shoot from last winter. So cute!

We have been looking forward to photographing their wedding for quite some time and they didn’t disappoint! Their bridal party were an absolute crack up and the whole day was so much fun.

The wedding was held at the Broadway Chapel in Woolloongabba, then the reception took place at the amazing Tattersals Club in the Brisbane CDB.

We love recommending Fiona from Marry-Me as a wedding celebrant, she is fantastic! We found out that in their conversations with Fiona in the lead up to the wedding, she mentioned to them about some awesome teaching jobs available in Japan… Needless to say we now feel a little responsible for them packing up and heading off to Japan for a couple of years!Winking smile (Sorry Mums!). We hope you guys have an amazing time!

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