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Ryan and Skylee

Cedar Creek Estate Winery is such stunning backdrop for a wedding. Pair that up with sunlight streaming through the Estates maple trees and it is nothing short of magical!

We had been looking forward to Ryan and Skylee’s wedding – I’m pretty sure one of our first phone conversation went for around an hour or so as we chatted about the wedding and a million other things! I knew then that Skylee completely trusted us, and from there on in, it could only be awesome!

Not long before the wedding Roberta from Green and Bloom contacted me in excitement to say that she would be providing the beautiful florals for the wedding which made me (clearly this is Fiona speaking here haha) even more excited about the wedding photos! Green and Bloom are my fave Brisbane based wedding florists, we have worked together on a few personal projects, but had yet to work together on a wedding- so it was indeed exciting!

ANYWAY, Adam had an absolute ball photographing Ryan and Skylee’s wedding, and loved playing a wedding slideshow of some of his favourite wedding images during the reception. It was great to see Ryan, Skylee and their guests reactions to the first glimpse of the wedding photos, and we loved hearing of all the beautiful compliments that flowed Ryan and Skylee’s way afterwards. They really did rock their photo shoot and just looked so loved up and happy all day:D Rock on guys!

Thanks for choosing us to share your wedding day with! As always it was an honour x


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We love how Ryan and Skylee’s album turned out. Working together we were able to custom design a beautiful blind embossed taupe leather album, designed to suit their wedding stationery. It looked so pretty!




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Daniel and Imogen

We had such a great afternoon photographing Daniel and Imogen to celebrate their engagement. We love Mt Tamborine! They have since been married, and we cant wait to share some of their photos!

We were lucky to meet Imogen a few years back when we photographed her sisters wedding on Stradbroke Island. Both weddings were so gorgeous! We are looking forward to blogging some of Daniel and Imogens’ wedding photos soon:) – It was such an incredible day.

I love the first photo displayed here. When we received it back into the studio on canvas, I contemplated sneaking it home and pretending it was me;) I’m sure it looks amazing up on their wall!

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Andrew and Rose

Andrew and Rose came to us on the recommendation of a few of friends… Michael and Catriona, Matt and Louise, and Pete and Lisa. (We are photographing their crew one couple at a time it seems- we love it!)

We loved photographing you guys frolicking amongst the autumn leavesWinking smile Thanks for a great afternoon- we can’t wait till the wedding!

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Trent and Mia

Trent and Mia were married on Mount Tamborine- We love Mt Tamborine, it is such an amazing place for a wedding!

Whilst photographing Mia before the wedding, news came through from reception that the wedding cake had arrived… (strange looks, “The wedding cake is already here…?”). Trent and Mia had booked a cake maker for their wedding and he had apparently gone bust- they tried for weeks to contact him to no avail, and heard reports that cakes had not been delivered to a couple of his clients. They decided to cut their losses and got an amazing cake from Deliciously Decadent Cake Design. (Which is the beautiful cake you will see them cutting). So to cut a long story short… they had 2 wedding cakes!  I’m pretty sure that is the best kind of wedding isn’t it?! The ones with copious amounts of cake…  Yum!

The wedding was held at Cedar Creek Lodges and the photos were taken at the beautiful lookout at the top of Mt TamborineSmile

If you fancy, you can also check out Trent and Mia’s luminous wintery engagement session!

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