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Quite a while back we had the privilege of photographing the lovely Nichole. Nichole took a little convincing to have her maternity photographs taken, she felt big and not overly photogenic, and only had a week or so to go before giving birth. (Nichole is a friend of ours and after my repeated hassling on the subject she finally agreed to step out in front of the camera).

I’m so pleased she agreed! I cherish my own maternity photos and love seeing other women embrace maternity photography! After seeing the photos, Nichole sent Adam and I a sweet message thanking us for giving her such beautiful images, and a self esteem boostWinking smile (I think the comment from one of our other lovely clients on facebook calling her a “Model” was the cherry on top hehe.


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A few of our clients out there will recognise our beautiful friend Kate- Kate shot many a wedding for us before meeting the man of her dreams, moving down south and starting a family.

Kate we are so happy for you! Congratulations on the arrival of your amazingly beautiful little boy- we are looking forward to meeting him and having some cuddles xx

Kate’s shoot was hilarious! We basically drove around Byron, running away from the rain (unsuccessfully). It pretty much rained the whole time. Adam photographed away, while me and our little guy splashed in puddles and climbed trees. At the end of the shoot- the heavens opened and we had to run through beach bushland for 15mins in torrential rain as it was getting dark- it was rather intense, but nothing a hot shower, a heater and some gourmet pizzas couldn’t make up for!

And now to get a bit of Ben Fold Five stuck in your head too (I’ve been humming whilst prepping the images)… “She never get’s wet, she smiles, and it’s a rainbow! Da-da da-da da-da di da I wanna be Kate!” (Who doesn’t want to look like that while pregnant).

Extra info:
Kates gorgeous hair and makeup was by the talented Alex Ouston Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist.
The AMAZING floral hair masterpiece was created by Roberta from Green and Bloom Wedding Flowers. If you are getting married (or need flowers for anything) and have not chosen a florist yet, you must go and check out her artistrySmile 

(Oh and as a side note- the cute pic of Adam and I on our blog homepage was taken by Kate!)

*Please respect our clients privacy. We are happy for your to share links to our work, but please do not upload images to Facebook without our permission.

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