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Andrew and Deborah

We are so excited to be photographing Andrew and Deborah’s wedding tomorrow in Maleny! We photographed Deborah’s brothers (and amazing wifeys) wedding a few years ago which was such a beautiful wedding- and we know that this wedding will be just as spectacular and love filled. They have such a lovely family:)

We loved photographing these two to celebrate their engagement. The way they make each other laugh is adorable – they are going to make for one spunky bride and groom tomorrow!

Can’t wait 😀

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Andrew and Rose

Andrew and Rose came to us on the recommendation of a few of friends… Michael and Catriona, Matt and Louise, and Pete and Lisa. (We are photographing their crew one couple at a time it seems- we love it!)

We loved photographing you guys frolicking amongst the autumn leavesWinking smile Thanks for a great afternoon- we can’t wait till the wedding!

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Ben and Leigh

A couple of years back, Leigh and her sister organised a beautiful shoot for her parents as a mothers day gift to her mum. She had found us through her friend Kylie, who you may rememberSmile When Ben and Leigh met with us to discuss their wedding, we also found out they were friends of Matt and Rochelle, who we photographed quite some years back! It’s always such an honour knowing that our past wedding clients have been happy with our photography and send their friends our way! Thanks guys!

Ben and Leigh decided they wanted something scenic for their engagement shoot, and chose to have photos taken up at beautiful Mt Tamborine. After all the rainy days we’ve had, it was very exciting when the sun decided to come out to play! We are glad you love your photos guys, and we are eagerly anticipating receiving them from the lab- we can’t wait to give them to you!

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Dirk and Jess

Drizzly and miserable weather you say? I think that sounds like a bit of fun!

We like to gamble with the weather a little. What’s the worst that can happen really? Ok, you may get a little wet, your shoes will get soggy, I guess our camera gear could get trashed… but for the sake of art, it is worth it!

Dirk and Jess were troopers, the weather was quite dismal but they were happy to brave it. I got a phone call from a very ecstatic Adam, as he arrived atop Mt Tamborine for the engagement session. “There is FOG EVERYWHERE!”.  Needless to say he was pumped.

Thanks for braving the rain, cold and fog guys- you were great:)

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Michael and Catriona

Mt Tamborine is glorious! (Made even more so by this gorgeous couple:) I’ve probably posted more then usual, but really… how could I not?!

It wasn’t until after the engagement shoot that Michael and Catriona realised we photographed their friends wedding a few years back. Pretty cool huh?

We are glad you love them guys and we are looking forward to the wedding in a few weeks time!











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