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Gerard and Katie

Katie and Gerard chose to elope- only instead of keeping it a complete secret, they invited their immediate families to join them.

Katie looked so incredible in her lace sleeved gown and her stunning hair and make-up by The Powder Room.

After their marriage at the registry office, we took a stroll together to the Brisbane botanical gardens for some gorgeous couple photos before heading back to their reception dinner in the spunky Blackbird Restaurants Champagne Room on Eagle Street Pier.

(PS we were stoked to find a gorgeous bus stop “sprinkled with fun”! The slogan just complimented Katie and Gerards happy personalities so well Open-mouthed smile)



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Geoff and Rachael

We were really looking forward to photographing Rachael and Geoff get married. They are two beautiful souls, and the whole wedding was just a massive ball of sweet emotion. We have known and worked with Geoff on a number of occasions over the past few years, as he kicks around the Brisbane/Gold Coast wedding scene as a kick-butt wedding cinematographer (He is the creative genius behind Motion Art). We were excited to finally meet Rachael in the lead up to their wedding. She is just as stunning on the inside as she is on the outside:)

 Sirromet Wedding Photography_02Sirromet Wedding Photography_01Sirromet Wedding Photography_04 Sirromet Wedding Photography_05 Sirromet Wedding Photography_06 Sirromet Wedding Photography_07 Sirromet Wedding Photography_08 Sirromet Wedding Photography_09Sirromet Wedding Photography_03 Sirromet Wedding Photography_10 Sirromet Wedding Photography_19
Geoff (being an American and all- we forgive him, mainly just because he married Rachael so is pretty much a bona fide Australian now) and Rachael decided to have a “first look” (which is a bit of an American wedding trend) prior to heading off to Sirromet for their wedding ceremony – to get out the jitters and have a few moments alone… It was so beautiful. We headed to Gold Coast’s Pizzey Park, which set such a romantic scene. The looks on their faces when they checked each other our for the first time in their wedding wares, was just priceless:)
(Geoff wears Wil Valor, and Rachael wears Helena Couture Designs) Sirromet Wedding Photography_11 Sirromet Wedding Photography_12.3Sirromet Wedding Photography_12-2Sirromet Wedding Photography_13Sirromet Wedding Photography_14Sirromet Wedding Photography_12Sirromet Wedding Photography_16Sirromet Wedding Photography_15Sirromet Wedding Photography_17 Sirromet Wedding Photography_18Sirromet Wedding Photography_25Sirromet Wedding Photography_22 Sirromet Wedding Photography_23Sirromet Wedding Photography_21 Sirromet Wedding Photography_24
I love how awestruck Geoff looks even though he and Rachael had already spent some time together for their First Look… It was like he was seeing her for the first time all over again… adorable! 😀
Sirromet Wedding Photography_26 Sirromet Wedding Photography_27 Sirromet Wedding Photography_28 Sirromet Wedding Photography_29 Sirromet Wedding Photography_30 Sirromet Wedding Photography_31 Sirromet Wedding Photography_32 Sirromet Wedding Photography_33 Sirromet Wedding Photography_34Sirromet Wedding Photography_35 Sirromet Wedding Photography_36 Sirromet Wedding Photography_37 Sirromet Wedding Photography_38
Geoff’s first and only choice as their wedding celebrant was Clarah Luxford who is a fantastic celebrant, and dear friend to he and Rachael- they too met through the wedding industry working together on countless weddings!
Sirromet Wedding Photography_39 Sirromet Wedding Photography_40 Sirromet Wedding Photography_41 Sirromet Wedding Photography_42 Sirromet Wedding Photography_43 Sirromet Wedding Photography_44 Sirromet Wedding Photography_45 Sirromet Wedding Photography_46 Sirromet Wedding Photography_47 Sirromet Wedding Photography_48 Sirromet Wedding Photography_49 Sirromet Wedding Photography_50 Sirromet Wedding Photography_51 Sirromet Wedding Photography_52 Sirromet Wedding Photography_53GR-467Sirromet Wedding Photography_54 Sirromet Wedding Photography_55 Sirromet Wedding Photography_56 Sirromet Wedding Photography_57 Sirromet Wedding Photography_58Sirromet Wedding Photography_59Sirromet Wedding Photography_60Sirromet Wedding Photography_61Sirromet Wedding Photography_63Sirromet Wedding Photography_62Sirromet Wedding Photography_65Sirromet Wedding Photography_66Sirromet Wedding Photography_68 Sirromet Wedding Photography_69Sirromet Wedding Photography_64Sirromet Wedding Photography_67
Geoff and Rachael opted for classic simplistic styling for their ceremony and reception decor, and employed the help of Beautiful Wedding Australia to create this for them. I must say I’m impressed- Geoff and Rach didn’t want any input into the design- they basically just told their stylist to create something simple- Rach didn’t even know what her bouquet would look like!Sirromet Wedding Photography_72Sirromet Wedding Photography_70 Sirromet Wedding Photography_71Sirromet Wedding Photography_74Sirromet Wedding Photography_73Sirromet Wedding Photography_75GR-584 Sirromet Wedding Photography_76 Sirromet Wedding Photography_77 Sirromet Wedding Photography_78 Sirromet Wedding Photography_79 Sirromet Wedding Photography_80 Sirromet Wedding Photography_81 Sirromet Wedding Photography_82 Sirromet Wedding Photography_83 Sirromet Wedding Photography_84 Sirromet Wedding Photography_85Sirromet Wedding Photography_87 Sirromet Wedding Photography_88Sirromet Wedding Photography_89Sirromet Wedding Photography_86
And last but not least, you must check out Geoff and Rachael’s wedding story captured by the incredible Abe from Untitled Film Works. He is based in Sydney, but Geoff who’s work and passion is wedding cinema, couldn’t resist flying Abe up to Brisbane capture the occasion!…
Check it out- it’s wowzers!

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James and Jayne

Mother Nature played kind for James and Jaynes wedding day! The skys were blue and it was the perfect day to brave on foot. They wandered down to their ceremony in the lovely Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane. After their ceremony (created by Burnt Orange Events) we meandered around the gardens for a while taking photos, before making the pilgrimage by foot with the wedding guests across the river to the reception over at the stylish Queensland State Library.

The vibe of the wedding was perfectly relaxed, just like James and Jayne:)

Brisbane Wedding Photos 01 Brisbane Wedding Photos 02 Brisbane Wedding Photos 03 Brisbane Wedding Photos 04 Brisbane Wedding Photos 05 Brisbane Wedding Photos 06 Brisbane Wedding Photos 07 Brisbane Wedding Photos 08 Brisbane Wedding Photos 09 Brisbane Wedding Photos 10 Brisbane Wedding Photos 11 Brisbane Wedding Photos 12 Brisbane Wedding Photos 13 Brisbane Wedding Photos 14 Brisbane Wedding Photos 15 Brisbane Wedding Photos 16 Brisbane Wedding Photos 17 Brisbane Wedding Photos 18 Brisbane Wedding Photos 19 Brisbane Wedding Photos 20 Brisbane Wedding Photos 21 Brisbane Wedding Photos 22 Brisbane Wedding Photos 23 Brisbane Wedding Photos 24 Brisbane Wedding Photos 25 Brisbane Wedding Photos 26 Brisbane Wedding Photos 27 Brisbane Wedding Photos 28 Brisbane Wedding Photos 29 Brisbane Wedding Photos 30 Brisbane Wedding Photos 31 Brisbane Wedding Photos 32 Brisbane Wedding Photos 33 Brisbane Wedding Photos 34 Brisbane Wedding Photos 35 Brisbane Wedding Photos 36 Brisbane Wedding Photos 37 Brisbane Wedding Photos 38 Brisbane Wedding Photos 39 Brisbane Wedding Photos 40 Brisbane Wedding Photos 41 Brisbane Wedding Photos 42 Brisbane Wedding Photos 43 Brisbane Wedding Photos 44 Brisbane Wedding Photos 45 Brisbane Wedding Photos 46 Brisbane Wedding Photos 47 Brisbane Wedding Photos 48 Brisbane Wedding Photos 49Brisbane Wedding Photos 50 Brisbane Wedding Photos 51 Brisbane Wedding Photos 52 Brisbane Wedding Photos 53 Brisbane Wedding Photos 54 Brisbane Wedding Photos 55 Brisbane Wedding Photos 56 Brisbane Wedding Photos 57 Brisbane Wedding Photos 58 Brisbane Wedding Photos 59 Brisbane Wedding Photos 60 Brisbane Wedding Photos 61 Brisbane Wedding Photos 62 Brisbane Wedding Photos 63 Brisbane Wedding Photos 64 Brisbane Wedding Photos 65 Brisbane Wedding Photos 66 Brisbane Wedding Photos 67 Brisbane Wedding Photos 68 Brisbane Wedding Photos 70 Brisbane Wedding Photos 71 Brisbane Wedding Photos 72 Brisbane Wedding Photos 74 Brisbane Wedding Photos 75 Brisbane Wedding Photos 76

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Tom and Siobhan

Tom and Siobhan’s wedding so much fun to photograph, there were quite a few shenanigans which kept us laughing all day;) 

The day was seamless, with Siobhan getting ready with her girlfriends at her parents beautiful home, to the wedding ceremony being hosted at the picture perfect Stuartholme Chapel in Toowong. The stairs of Sturartholme were adorned with colourful springtime flowers creating such a pretty backdrop for the formal photos! Not to mention the inside of the chapel- the architecture and stained glass was incredible!

The wedding reception was held at Gusto da Gianni, a funky little Italian restaurant at Portside, which had a great vibe for them to party away into the night with their guests:)

Siobhan and Tom, thanks for allowing us to capture your wedding day!

Wedding Photography Brisbane 00 Wedding Photography Brisbane 01 Wedding Photography Brisbane 02 Wedding Photography Brisbane 03 Wedding Photography Brisbane 04Wedding Photography Brisbane 05 Wedding Photography Brisbane 06 Wedding Photography Brisbane 07 Wedding Photography Brisbane 08 Wedding Photography Brisbane 09 Wedding Photography Brisbane 11Wedding Photography Brisbane 10Wedding Photography Brisbane 12 Wedding Photography Brisbane 13 Wedding Photography Brisbane 14 Wedding Photography Brisbane 15 Wedding Photography Brisbane 16 Wedding Photography Brisbane 17 Wedding Photography Brisbane 18 Wedding Photography Brisbane 19 Wedding Photography Brisbane 20 Wedding Photography Brisbane 21 Wedding Photography Brisbane 22 Wedding Photography Brisbane 23 Wedding Photography Brisbane 24 Wedding Photography Brisbane 25 Wedding Photography Brisbane 26 Wedding Photography Brisbane 27 Wedding Photography Brisbane 28 Wedding Photography Brisbane 29 Wedding Photography Brisbane 30 Wedding Photography Brisbane 31 Wedding Photography Brisbane 32 Wedding Photography Brisbane 33 Wedding Photography Brisbane 34 Wedding Photography Brisbane 35 Wedding Photography Brisbane 36 Wedding Photography Brisbane 37 Wedding Photography Brisbane 38 Wedding Photography Brisbane 39 Wedding Photography Brisbane 40 Wedding Photography Brisbane 41 Wedding Photography Brisbane 42 Wedding Photography Brisbane 43 Wedding Photography Brisbane 44 Wedding Photography Brisbane 45 Wedding Photography Brisbane 46 Wedding Photography Brisbane 47 Wedding Photography Brisbane 48 Wedding Photography Brisbane 49 Wedding Photography Brisbane 50 Wedding Photography Brisbane 51 Wedding Photography Brisbane 52 Wedding Photography Brisbane 53 Wedding Photography Brisbane 54 Wedding Photography Brisbane 55 Wedding Photography Brisbane 56 Wedding Photography Brisbane 57 Wedding Photography Brisbane 58 Wedding Photography Brisbane 59 Wedding Photography Brisbane 60 Wedding Photography Brisbane 61 Wedding Photography Brisbane 62 Wedding Photography Brisbane 63 Wedding Photography Brisbane 64 Wedding Photography Brisbane 65 Wedding Photography Brisbane 66 Wedding Photography Brisbane 67 Wedding Photography Brisbane 68 Wedding Photography Brisbane 69 Wedding Photography Brisbane 70 Wedding Photography Brisbane 71 Wedding Photography Brisbane 72 Wedding Photography Brisbane 73 Wedding Photography Brisbane 74 Wedding Photography Brisbane 75 Wedding Photography Brisbane 76 Wedding Photography Brisbane 77 Wedding Photography Brisbane 78 Wedding Photography Brisbane 79

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Neil & Chiara

We were really looking forward to photographing Neil and Chiara’s wedding. They live in Western Australia, so we had many conversations on the phone with Neil, and had met with Chiara briefly, but didn’t get a chance to get to know them as a couple until their engagement shoot a couple of days prior to the wedding. (Which was awesome!). They are so adorable together- their smiles radiate off each other into one big ball of crazy happiness!

Brisbane city shone on their wedding day! The bridal party got ready at the gorgeous Hilton. Chiara was adorned in a delicate off the shoulder princess gown looking like picture perfect bride in a romantic fairy-taleSmile Then it was off to the ceremony at the beautiful Holy Spirit chapel in New Farm.

While taking the formal portraits at New Farm Park, we were visited by a small furry guest… Thankfully he refrained from marking his territory! Winking smile

Once the sun went down, we took a quick stroll on the lit up streets of Brisbane and took some rockin’ night portraits around the city.

We soon arrived back at the Hilton which set the amazing scene for the reception party. (And the bullet elevators provided a bit of fun!) Smiling faces and multi-coloured streamers screamed party time as guests hit the dance floor.

Thanks for inviting us to photograph your wedding!



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