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Angus and Simone

This beautiful couple asked us to capture some special engagement portraits for them, and we are so glad they did!  It was such a magical afternoon on the sunshine coast, finding light in the forest and then watching the sunset on a grassy hill in Maleny. What engagement photo dreams are made of!























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Matthew and Amy

We decided to go a bit further afield than normal for Matthew and Amy’s engagement photos, and it was well worth the drive:)

Maleny is always an incredible backdrop for any kind of photos, whether that be family, weddings or couples (I don’t think you can go wrong with the beautiful glass house mountains as your backdrop!:)

We always love engagement shoots, it is such a perfect opportunity to get to know the couple a bit better, and if you are feeling nervous about your wedding photography in the lead up to the wedding, an engagement shoot is the best idea! It helps to get you comfortable in front of the camera, and realise how amazing you will look in your professional photos.

Amy and Matt admitted (like most of our clients do!) that they felt a little apprehensive in the lead up to their shoot. After ‘hanging out’ with Adam at their shoot, they were able to relax and enjoy the experience. (Those nerves are best to be done with prior to the wedding- as there are plenty of other nerves to worry about on the wedding day!).

Needless to say they loved their photos and are now feeling WAY more comfortable about having Adam around on their wedding day to take their photosSmile 

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We also created some incredible invitations for Matthew and Amy which were a hit with their guests which you can check on our facebook.

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Dave and Jess

I love the variety in this shoot- Dave and Jess came to us referred by their friends Kiel and Janine and had complete trust in us from the onset. They came to the shoot with a couple of gorgeous wardrobe changes, and despite the freezing cold, rocked it out bare foot! Love it.

We powered around Mt Tamborine taking photos in a few different locations and ended up at the lookout for some wispy windy silhouettes. Thanks for being troopersOpen-mouthed smile

We can’t wait for the wedding!


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Andrew and Rose

Andrew and Rose came to us on the recommendation of a few of friends… Michael and Catriona, Matt and Louise, and Pete and Lisa. (We are photographing their crew one couple at a time it seems- we love it!)

We loved photographing you guys frolicking amongst the autumn leavesWinking smile Thanks for a great afternoon- we can’t wait till the wedding!

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Simon and Eloise

Simon and Eloise were married a couple of weeks back, and before sharing their wedding photos, we would love to show off some of their gorgeous engagement photos. They decided to have their photos taken in Brisbane around GOMA (The Gallery of Modern Art) where some of their early dates took placeSmile


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