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Simon and Bianca

Bianca contacted us with some exciting news- she had her husband were finally having their honeymoon! It had taken a couple of years to organise having little people in their lives, but they finally managed to organise their kid free holiday/honeymoon, and wanted to have some beautiful portraits taken, as they hadn’t had a wedding photographer.

Adam met Bianca and Simon at their hotel, and together they headed down to the beach to finally have some special photos taken of the two of them. They started off casual then Bianca changed into a beautiful gown for some more formal portraits. At first Bianca was a little dismayed at the weather (the wind was blowing a gale!) We think it worked out perfectly dreamy!

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Johnathan and Eunice

Johnathan and Eunice came planned a trip from the UK to finalise the details for their wedding next year. They came and met with Adam to discuss their wedding, and decided to have  an Australian beach engagement shoot while they were here, so a couple days after meeting, they all trekked off down to the Gold Coast for an engagement shoot at the Spit.

The shoot was a hoot, and I think Eunice’s words on our Facebook page say it all haha… ” Thank you so much for doing our engagement shoot yesterday… the nerves and sweaty palms were soon replaced with laughter, jokes, attacking bindies & a piggy-back injury for J (I’m sure Adam will explain!). We had a ball & can’t wait to do it for real next June 🙂

To Johnathan and Eunice… As much as I’d love to put up the “injury” photo, I think I will leave that for personal viewing only guys hahahaha;P We hope your trip home was great and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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Ah yes, and boys will be boys…

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