Brendan and Ashleigh

These two beautiful souls got married this morning, they are probably dancing right now, and getting ready to wrap up their reception and head out and have some bridal photographs takenOpen-mouthed smile! (We love that part!)

To celebrate their day of days, here are a few of their pretty engagement pictures!

I can’t wait for Adam to get home so I can check out some of their stunning wedding photos- and get stuck into designing their wedding album! Open-mouthed smile We may even be on the ball and post a sneak peek or two, so family and friends, keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page over the next few days!


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One of my (Fiona’s) long time besties Jasmin has been living in New Zealand for the past 10 years or so- we usually get to catch up once a year for never quite long enough… so we decided when Jasmin visited this week, we would take some fun portraits together. (Well, Jasmin and I decided and just told Adam of course- thankfully he was obliging- albeit a little begrudgingly haha)

We were terrible clients, totally awkward, running late and not organising a baby sitter – so Adam was playing Dad and photographer all at the same timeWinking smile (You are amazing Adam!)

Grateful for this girl in my life. Always constant, always wise, lives with faith and always has a long winded story and a laugh to share haha. The best kind of friend (as Anne of Green Gables would say) “a kindred spirit”! ♥ you to the moon and back Princess Jasmin!


Here are a couple of photos of the little critters behind the scenes that Daddy shot over his shoulder. Grateful they were only slightly mischief and fairly well behaved while mummy had her photos takenWinking smile Aren’t they adorable?!


And here is me and Jazzy when we were wee little 20yr olds – so stylish! Bless “Free Comic Book Day”. It was a really great day, we met a gorgeous little frenchman with a wonderful curly moustache and got a free comic book or two. Fabulous!


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Beach babes

There is something a bit special about family portraits at the beach! The Gold Coast coastline is stunning and the kids can run wild and free and splash their feet in the ocean.

A few years ago while in Fiji photographing a wedding, one of the hotel hosts was raving about how amazing their beach was at   the hotel and how they were some of the best in the world… Adam and I looked at each other and thought, “they are ok….”. Chatting about it later we realised just how spoilt we are living in South East Queensland. Our beaches are incredible! We are so lucky to be able to photograph families in such beautiful surrounds. (Don’t get us wrong, venturing out of the resort to the un-commercialised Fijian beaches was ridiculously WOW! haha).

We ♥ the Spit, and we are glad this family had such a lovely time together having their family photos takenSmile

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Jason and Claire

Jason and Claire were such a delight to photograph. Claire just has this incredible smile and bubbly personality that is just so contagious. She and Jason are just beautiful together and we loved photographing their wedding. We photographed Jason a few years back when he was a groomsman at the wedding of the stunning Alice & Andy. Claire saw the photos and was excited to book us to photograph their wedding too:) (We love being referred by our past couples- it’s the best compliment!)

The morning of the wedding was a little dark and drizzly, but just before the ceremony was about to start the sun came out and made way for the most stunning skys all day:) Jason and Claire were married in the beautiful Little White Wedding Church in Montville. It is such a gorgeous little church and the gardens are so sweet! After the ceremony we headed up the hill to Maleny for some stunning photos with the Glass House Mountains in the back ground at sunset:)

The reception then kicked off at Flaxton Gardens! They had a great time celebrating with their nearest and dearest!

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And just because I couldn’t resist! Here are a couple of snaps of their beautiful wedding album!
Brisbane Wedding Albums02Brisbane Wedding Albums01 Brisbane Wedding Albums03 Brisbane Wedding Albums04 Brisbane Wedding Albums05 Brisbane Wedding Albums07 Brisbane Wedding Albums08

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Book Week

A few weeks ago when cleaning up we found some unused air-conditioning tubes, and naturally started using it for all sorts of things, a telescope, an elephants trunk etc…it then dawned on us that book week was fast approaching, so started thinking up some wild ideas with our oldest son for his book week parade costume.

We love “I wish that I had duck feet”, so I tried to convince him to go as the “Which What Who”, but he wasn’t having a bar of it! (Way too uncool for a 6 year old… apparently!!!) No, he wanted to be a robot. I tried to protest, but his mind was set. I tried to argue that we didn’t even have any books with robots in them- to which he went and fished out some obscure book he had borrowed from the library, which just happened to have a random robot in the background on one of the pages haha. So a robot it was!

We headed to Bunnings for some silver spray paint and an old box, fished out a toy police helmet from the bottom of the toy box, and Adam hit them with the spray paint. We then decided it would be a great idea to spray paint his old gumboots- which I do not recommend!!! (It’s didn’t set, so had to be washed off- we ended up painting them with silver acrylic paint, which was not ideal (cracking) but managed to live long enough to have his photo taken:) (After a bit of internet research the only paint that sticks to gumboots is Posca paint pens!)

So the costume was ready to go, book week had arrived annnnnnd, he was sick. Too sick to go to school, so we missed our favourite event of the year:(  A few days later when he was feeling better, we decided to go and take some cool photos so he could still show his classmates his costume:) Below are his selection of favourites (with exception of the smiling shot- which I snuck in- he wasn’t too fussed on that one;))


IMG_2737 IMG_2766IMG_2749IMG_2828 IMG_2860 IMG_2866

This is the Which What Who, for those who haven’t read “I wish that I had duck feet”!


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