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I can sing a rainbow!

So not too long ago, this spunky couple came in and met with us, and decided to book us in for a couples shoot at the beach.

The day of their photo shoot was a little bit cloudy and a little but sunny. What we didn’t expect, is that a rainbow would come to visit, for, well, pretty much the entire shoot! Normally if you are crazy lucky, a rainbow will touch down for a couple of minutes and you have to run like mad people to catch it in a photo or two- not this time! Looking at the time the photos were shot- between the first photo and last rainbow photo was a whopping 45 minutes (happy dance!)

(I love that this crazy silhouette is now hanging as a beautiful piece of art in their homeOpen-mouthed smile)

Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot001Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot002Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot003Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot004Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot005Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot006Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot007Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot008Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot009Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot010Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot011Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot012Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot013Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot014Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot015Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot016Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot017Gold Coast Beach Couple Shoot018

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Simon and Bianca

Bianca contacted us with some exciting news- she had her husband were finally having their honeymoon! It had taken a couple of years to organise having little people in their lives, but they finally managed to organise their kid free holiday/honeymoon, and wanted to have some beautiful portraits taken, as they hadn’t had a wedding photographer.

Adam met Bianca and Simon at their hotel, and together they headed down to the beach to finally have some special photos taken of the two of them. They started off casual then Bianca changed into a beautiful gown for some more formal portraits. At first Bianca was a little dismayed at the weather (the wind was blowing a gale!) We think it worked out perfectly dreamy!

Couples Photos Gold Coast-001 Couples Photos Gold Coast-002 Couples Photos Gold Coast-003 Couples Photos Gold Coast-004 Couples Photos Gold Coast-005 Couples Photos Gold Coast-006 Couples Photos Gold Coast-007 Couples Photos Gold Coast-008 Couples Photos Gold Coast-009 Couples Photos Gold Coast-010 Couples Photos Gold Coast-011

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Christine decided to be brave and jump in front of the camera solo and we are so glad she did! She looked incredible, and we loved creating these stunning images for her to enjoy. Smile 

Portrait Photographer Brisbane002Portrait Photographer Brisbane001Portrait Photographer Brisbane005Portrait Photographer Brisbane003Portrait Photographer Brisbane004Portrait Photographer Brisbane007Portrait Photographer Brisbane006Portrait Photographer Brisbane009Portrait Photographer Brisbane010Portrait Photographer Brisbane011Portrait Photographer Brisbane012Portrait Photographer Brisbane013
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World’s Greatest Shave


Life is such an amazing thing… sometimes caught up doing our own little thing, it is easy to forget how hard and fleeting life can be. So today being valentines day, I thought I would share a little love story as it were… Well to me, sacrificing your hair to create awareness, raise money and give moral support to those struggling is a pretty awesome love story I think!

Over the weekend we were blessed with the opportunity to photograph an old friend (well a new friend for Adam) to celebrate the gift of her daddy’s curls before she takes the plunge next month to shave her head (to the scalp – eip!) as part of the “Worlds Greatest Shave” to help raise money for the Leukaemia foundation.

Chelsea’s Dad passed away from cancer at the young age of 29… Leaving her mother a widow to two small boys with a baby girl (Chelsea) due to be born. Two weeks after his passing, this incredible young woman came into the world.

When I heard that Chelsea was “shaving for a cure” I was really touched, we chatted about it, and she mentioned her main motivation for doing the Worlds Greatest Shave was the struggles with ill health and cancer she has witnessed some of her dear friends going through, as well as her family’s history and a bit of inspiration from a friend shaving last year.

So, after a crazy suggestion, a couple of quick chats, and a postponed client shoot- Chelsea jumped a flight to come to Brisbane to be photographed. We hope you feel inspired by this beautiful young woman too! Finding a cure isn’t cheap, so (pretty please!) help Chelsea reach her donation goal. Even $5 will help! Smile 

You can sponsor Chelsea’s shave here: 

We are also excited to share this beautiful little film we created to help Chelsea raise money for “The World’s Greatest Shave”!

Enjoy! (That hair!!!)


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Sweet Sisters

Oh, how gorgeous are these girls?! If you have sisters, hopefully they are as dear to you as these girls are to one another.

Looking at the love these sister have for one another, it’s easy to see that they have life long friends in each other.


Family Photography Gold Coast001Family Photography Gold Coast002Family Photography Gold Coast003Family Photography Gold Coast004Family Photography Gold Coast005Family Photography Gold Coast006Family Photography Gold Coast007Family Photography Gold Coast008Family Photography Gold Coast009Family Photography Gold Coast010Family Photography Gold Coast011Family Photography Gold Coast012Family Photography Gold Coast013Family Photography Gold Coast014Family Photography Gold Coast015Family Photography Gold Coast016Family Photography Gold Coast017Family Photography Gold Coast018Family Photography Gold Coast019Family Photography Gold Coast020Family Photography Gold Coast021Family Photography Gold Coast022

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