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We’re coming to New Zealand!

So Kiwis, rumour has it, we will be coming to New Zealand in November… (it’s true!).

We are heading over for a gorgeous wedding Hamilton mid November, and have decided to stay a couple of weeks, and offer portrait sessions while we are there. (Or if you happen to know of anyone getting married, we are open for an extra wedding too;) We are planning on spending some time in Auckland and also heading down Hastings way!

We are offering a special one off price while we are there, so if you are interested, please shoot us an email (or give us a buzz)!

I’ve attached some images from previous trips to New Zealand, and also some Aussie family shoots, just so you get an idea of our style of photography. It’s fun, timeless, you will love the experience, and the photos!

Find us on Facebook at and send us an email to

See you soon!
Much love, Adam & Fiona
07 30900005

(PS If anyone would like to get married in Napier while were are over there, that would be wonderfulWinking smile)

Family Photography Auckland 01
The image above was our first ever Silver Awarded image in the QPPA’s (Queensland Professional Photography Awards) Shot in the gorgeous Hamilton Gardens!
Family Photography Auckland 02Family Photography Auckland 03Family Photography Auckland 04Family Photography Auckland 05Family Photography Auckland 31Family Photography Auckland 06
A couple of stills taken during King Kapisi’s “Hip Hop Lives Here” clip- can’t wait to share the clip!!!
(Still a bit star struck after chilling with Che Fu & King Kaps!)
Family Photography Auckland 07Family Photography Auckland 11Family Photography Auckland 09Family Photography Auckland 10Family Photography Auckland 19 
Erik and Kim’s Auckland WeddingSmile
Family Photography Auckland 12
The beautiful Temple where our November wedding will be taking place. Can’t wait Cameron and Ari!
Family Photography Auckland 14Family Photography Auckland 15Family Photography Auckland 16Family Photography Auckland 20
Aarahi and Candice’s Hamilton Wedding.

Family Photography Auckland 18Family Photography Auckland 17Family Photography Auckland 21Family Photography Auckland 22Family Photography Auckland 26
Artist “Lisa Black” 
Family Photography Auckland 24Family Photography Auckland 33IMG_1330IMG_1454IMG_1392Family Photography Auckland 32Family Photography Auckland 25Family Photography Auckland 27Family Photography Auckland 30
Aiden and Jaslyn’s Karikari Wedding.
END NZ PHOTOS: The following images are just to give you an idea of our family photography “style”.
Family Photography Auckland 36Family Photography Auckland 37Family Photography Auckland 38Family Photography Auckland 35Family Photography Auckland 39Family Photography Auckland 40Family Photography Auckland 41Family Photography Auckland 43Family Photography Auckland 44Family Photography Auckland 46Family Photography Auckland 47Family Photography Auckland 48Family Photography Auckland 49Family Photography Auckland 50Family Photography Auckland 51Family Photography Auckland 52Family Photography Auckland 53Family Photography Auckland 54Family Photography Auckland 55Family Photography Auckland 56Family Photography Auckland 57Family-Photography-Auckland-58Family Photography Auckland 59Family Photography Auckland 60Family Photography Auckland 61Family Photography Auckland 62Family Photography Auckland 63Family Photography Auckland 64Family Photography Auckland 65Family Photography Auckland 66Family Photography Auckland 67Family Photography Auckland 68Family Photography Auckland 69Family Photography Auckland 70Family Photography Auckland 71Family Photography Auckland 72Family Photography Auckland 78Family Photography Auckland 74Family Photography Auckland 76Family Photography Auckland 79Family Photography Auckland 80Family Photography Auckland 81Family Photography Auckland 82Family Photography Auckland 83Family Photography Auckland 84Family Photography Auckland 86Family Photography Auckland 87Family Photography Auckland 88Family Photography Auckland 89Family Photography Auckland 90Family Photography Auckland 91Family Photography Auckland 92Family Photography Auckland 93Family Photography Auckland 94

7 Responses to We’re coming to New Zealand!

  1. Shayla said:

    What a yummy selection of images guys! I love how you incorporate the landscape so well into your photos as well as capturing close ups and emotions. I can picture every one of them on a gorgeous professionally printed canvas!!! 😉 Beautiful. I think everyone in NZ should book in with you guys because you are super talented and having your work on their walls would be a gorgeous addition to their home. Once in a lifetime people! ♥

  2. Felicity said:

    I want to go to NZ just to have you guys take our family pictures 🙂 LOVE all the images you chose to share here!!! Amazing work!!!

  3. Ahhh my beautiful homeland! Lovin’ all of these pics, particularly the ones of Lisa Black. Can’t wait to see the pics you guys come home with 🙂

  4. Kate Wilson said:

    Ha, I REALLY like the picture of the fence! – it reminds me of growing up…same fence and same power poles as in the background. Isn’t that ridiculous! 🙂

  5. la guy said:

    One of the best photographs that capture special moments on special days. I love the shots you’ve made here.

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So tonight we are sitting at our computers working away, I’m wrapped in a blanket and Adam is wrapped around the heater…(ok, he is only wearing shorts and a t-shirt but hey) and my mind turned to this warm, beautiful sunset…


Seriously, if any one else wants to get married in Fiji during winter, take us with you! It was absolutely amazing, the vibe at the wedding was so chilled and relaxed, it was absolutely perfect.

In the next day or so, I will be posting up some photos from Mike and Tara’s Fiji wedding. We had so much fun and are looking forward to sharing some of their beautiful images with you all:)

5 Responses to Warmth

  1. Ahhhh jealous much??!! 😀 Can’t wait to see more pics!

  2. Tara said:

    EEK, I am beyond excited to see this blog post. Missing the Fiji warmth and vibe SO badly. And what is it with men wearing hardly any clothes (i.e shorts and t-shirts) and then basically sitting on top of the heater!! Mike does it all the time – put a sweater on!!! :o) Looking forward to the post!

  3. Jodie Greck said:

    beautiful, take me with you too heheh

  4. Marie said:

    so this is where we elope to!? Great pic!!

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Life can get busy…

Over the last couple of months, life has been a little busy! A couple of weeks back we decided to turn off our computers and play… all. day. Wooo!

We decided to get our nerd on after seeing The Lane’s “L’Amant” (the sweeping pans are to die for and we are now coveting a helicam!) and went and bought a remote controlled helicopter so we can get our flying moves down. (Wheee so fun!)… Once the Chopper had crashed and burned, Adam took some photos of me and our ladSmile I love them!

I love this amazing country we live in, with it’s beautiful sunshiny winters and open space, and more than that, I love my family- My husband that provides for us by doing what he loves, and our gorgeous little guy who is the smiliest kid out, who melts our hearts and makes us laugh every time he says “Ere’ you go!” So cute!

Adam is off to New Zealand again to photograph a wedding later in the year, then Melbourne, fingers crossed for Tazzy, an engagement shoot in Sydney, and lot’s of beautiful Queensland and northern New South Wales weddings, from Byron, to Murwillumbah, to Tamborine, and of course our gorgeous BrisbaneSmile  We can’t wait! x

(PS I promise to catch up on a bit of blogging over the next couple of days too!)


Photographer Brisbane003Photographer Brisbane004Photographer Brisbane005Photographer Brisbane006Photographer Brisbane007Photographer Brisbane008Photographer Brisbane009Photographer Brisbane010Photographer Brisbane011Photographer Brisbane012Photographer Brisbane013Photographer Brisbane015Photographer Brisbane002Photographer Brisbane014Photographer Brisbane017Photographer Brisbane018

2 Responses to Life can get busy…

  1. AHHHH these are fantastic!! The light is just stunning and that second image with his teddy bear … that to me just sums up childhood. Beautiful!

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New Website!

We are chuffed to announce our brand spanking new website! Our old website was good to us, but it was time to renovate once again. So keeping in theme with our (not so) new blog, we present our new website!

It has lots of lovely features like being able to use your keyboard arrows instead of having to click on next (ohhh!), BIG images, scrumptious testimonials from some of our gorgeous clients, more galleries and just general coolnessSmile 

Check it out!


And just so you know what we are on about if you haven’t looked at our actual website for a while, this is what our old website looked like:


2 Responses to New Website!

  1. MK said:

    Noice. Shiny and new and white.

  2. New website looks very clean, and stylish. Great work.

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Gift Card Giveaway!

We’re in a happy mood, as our gorgeous new season gift cards have just arrived!

To celebrate, we are giving away 10, yes, you heard right 10 $150 gift cards.

How do you get one? It’s simple, leave a comment below telling us why you want one… (make sure you enter you enter your details properly so we can contact you) and you will have a gift card sent your way. Yay!

Happy commentingSmile (These are so good they are practically edible- apparently)


46 Responses to Gift Card Giveaway!

  1. Lisa said:

    Ohhhh. Would love a gift card!!!! Because I LOVE Deep Grey Photography!

  2. Lisa said:

    PS- What a cutie!!!!!

  3. Shireen said:

    I would love a Deep Grey gift card to give to my beautiful mother to use for a family portrait. Besides the little man in the photos looks like he is enjoying his gift card – It must be good! 🙂

  4. Peta said:

    I need one to give my brother and his wife, as they have two beautiful girls, and have never had professional family shots taken. And what better place to begin than with Deep Grey! 🙂

  5. Stacey Whiley said:

    I would love a gift card for Deep Grey Photography! You take such amazing photos with a personal touch! I would love you to take some photos of my little family & I!

  6. Andrew said:

    My wife would love her preganancy photos soon. she would be totally stoked because you guys are the best we have seen.

  7. Amy said:

    I would love a gift card from Deep Grey as I just love your work so much. And our family could use all the help it can get to make us look good.

    Always love your photography and these pics are no exception. Love them 🙂

  8. Tiffany said:

    I’d love a gift card to gift to my sister in law. She wants a beautiful portrait of her young family at this age to display in her home and I think it’s important to have records of such precious times in our lives. We have a large canvas on our wall, of our family, which was taken a few years ago.We marvel now at how the children have grown and changed, and we are so grateful to have captured them as they were then, in a creative and beautiful way, so the memory lasts forever.

  9. Miranda Gaffney said:

    Because you guys are the only ones that can make me look good in-front of a camera. We love you guys xxx

  10. Nicky said:

    I would love a Deep Grey gift card.
    My husband and I are both well overdue for a portrait together it has been 3 years since we have had professional photography and with summer time approaching what better time to get photo’s done.

  11. Jessica said:

    Just finished Year 12 and would love a professional portrait to celebrate. You’re work is amazing!

  12. Annie Naumann said:

    I’d like a gift card to give to my parents in law. They have been married for 25 years and have not had professional photos together since then. They need some beautiful upgrades!

  13. Annie Naumann said:

    Oh and Ammon looks scrummy in these photos!! 🙂

  14. Rebecca Kelly said:

    Hi guys,

    I would love a gift card so I can finally get some quality family pics & banish the ‘formula studio non-personalised’ shots FOREVER!
    Still completely in love with the photos from our wedding (taken WAY BACK in 2007), and since then I haven’t stop raving about your work to all the future brides I meet.

  15. Callee Lousi said:

    I would love a gift card to use when we move back to Oz next year. It’s our one year anniversary this month and we get to go to the temple to be sealed! We didn’t have much to spend on our wedding etc, so having some nice photos as a couple would be a great way to celebrate a year that’s been both challenging and rewarding all at the same time 🙂 Plus, I love your work 🙂

  16. Adam Murphy said:

    Keep the comments coming guys – we feel generous so we will probably give out more than 10! haha

  17. Hope said:

    I’d love Ben to be IN the picture with me than always taking them himself!!! LOVE your work 🙂

  18. Brie Henri said:

    I would love a giftcard so I could have an opportunity to capture my family as they are right now.

  19. Sandi Cooper said:

    I’d love a gift card to go towards some family shots! It’s so rare to get everyone together that when we do it would be wonderful to capture the moment forever!

  20. Tammy Hope said:

    I NEED you to create some stunning images of my beautiful little family as the way you capture personality and life in your photos is amazing! I’d love to adorn my walls with memories that will always make me smile…no one captures family moments like Deep Grey.

  21. Jodie Katene said:

    I would love a gift card because I have such gorgeous girls that I want to have hanging on my wall.

  22. Marissa said:

    Great looking gift cards 🙂
    I never got to use my other card before it expired but with my bub due in Feb i’d love to be able to get family shots taken including our newest addition !
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  23. Chloe West said:

    Oh my goly gosh – just the photos of the little boy holding the gift card makes me want one even more because he is so adorable, and you really know how to capture life in its tracks and make it look even more special than what it really is! I would love to win the gift card purely for that reason, you are so gifted in what you see, and you capture that in your photography! Would love you to shoot me and my fiancee (engagement shots) so you can capture the true essence that is “us”! Thank you!

  24. Lindsay said:

    I don’t have a special reason; simply that your photos are stunning and it is FANTASTIC fun to unexpectedly win a giveaway!

  25. Melissa said:

    I’d love a gift card. I already have a photoshoot booked with you guys however a gift card would be so helpful to put towards buying prints. I’m finishing uni this year after spending 4 years learning how to teach children with special needs. I’m currently on a 6 week, non-paid internship which can be quite stressful at times (as i’m sure you can imagine!). Having this gift card would help take some of the (financial) stress out of buying prints.

  26. Jessica Prouten said:

    I would love a gift card because it’s been forever since my family had family shots done. A great excuse to finally get around to it!
    These photos of them are gorgeous, that child is so cute I could eat him up!

  27. Bethany Munro said:

    My fiance and I are getting married in 2 weeks time (as you know! woohoo!). In our 17 month relationship we have only been together for about 4 months all up. We’ve been doing long distance most of the time because he’s in the Navy in Melbourne and it’s been pretty hard. When we first got engaged I had really, really wanted to get some engagement shots done but it was impossible because we couldn’t get together for them. We only have a handful of photos together and I was always so jealous but happy when I saw other people’s engagement shoots! I absolutely love looking at all your photos (I stare wistfully at them) and I’ve basically been stalking your facebook and blog (most dedicated fan right here!) ever since Mum said she had booked you for my wedding (YAY! …and btw, I’ve been staying out of the sun :P).
    Having one of these gift vouchers would be the perfect opportunity for us to get some (very belated) engagement shots done! Since we’ll be married, we’ll always be together so it would work really well!
    Anyway, this is my entry as to why I would love a gift voucher! I have tried to make it very heart-wrenching 😛 lol.
    Thanks heaps!
    Beth 🙂 xo

  28. Sam Allen said:

    Your photos are all over our walls and the internet ……Now Louis has come along we need an updated family picture!!!People always comment our family photo you took for us.
    P.S. I look at your photos all the time on your website!

  29. Renee said:

    Hi guys,
    It’s been 6years since Ailaoa and I got married and we don’t have any real family photos so I would love a gift card so that we could have our first professional photos of our little family as well as update my inlaws family photo to include all of their new daughters and grandchidlren…..Please choose us!!!!!

  30. Because photographer’s don’t have anyone to take photos of them!! We badly need some pretty family photos…that I haven’t taken!! =D

  31. Talia Ploeg said:

    I wanna win one for my beautiful mummy coz she’s been wanting to get some professional photo’s of herself & my dad… And honestly Deep Grey is simply the best!! Love your work 🙂

  32. Daneve from Ah-Tissue said:

    Because I would love to own some beauty stunning images taken by the very talent couple from Depp Grey …heheheh xoxoxoxoxo

  33. Samantha Karooz said:

    we have recently moved and have been searching for a new fabulous photographer, alas we have found you!

  34. Louise said:

    Oh bless, he’s adorable! What a cutie!

  35. Dannette said:

    I’d love to get pics of hubby and bub and I done!!!!!

  36. Rachel Hayden-Smith said:

    It would soooo make my day, to win a giftcard from Deep Grey, to capture the love of me and mine, thru your lens for all time! 😀

  37. Jessica said:

    Hi there!
    I would love to be the lucky winner of a giftcard because …
    My partner Shaun & I have been together for 5 years and have never had professional photographs taken. We are soon to be engaged (he’s set the date!) and I would love if you could take our engagement photos! How special they would be to us! We’ve moved into a new place and our walls are bare! I think it’s time we spruced them up with some of your gorgeous images! 😀
    Love, Jessica (& Shaun) xo

  38. Megan Luhrs said:

    I would love a gift card to have a family portrait done, to give me beautiful memories of my teenagers before they grow any more or leave. Our family time is slipping away and a portrait would give so many priceless memories.

    • meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman said:

      What a beautiful and sweet child! I don’t know where I would need to live or much about this gift card.I live in Mississippi.I know I would love a gift card to have lovely pictures made of my sweet Jack age 2 but I am not sure if I can be counted.Thank you

  39. Cyndie said:

    I would love to win a gift car for my sister. She has always been very supportive and deserves this awesome present! Thank you

  40. Deep Grey said:

    All of the cards have been snapped up! Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter- we are looking forward to photographing you, and to those who missed out this time, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for our next giveaway!

  41. Penny said:

    i would love a gift card as my brother in law recently passed away, my sister had professional photos done once a year, and has made me realize how special they are. I have one framed photo of me and my hubby, and not a professional one (not that it matters i still love it) but having some nice photos of the both of us would make me so happy and they would be memories and moments we can both cherish forever.

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