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One of my (Fiona’s) long time besties Jasmin has been living in New Zealand for the past 10 years or so- we usually get to catch up once a year for never quite long enough… so we decided when Jasmin visited this week, we would take some fun portraits together. (Well, Jasmin and I decided and just told Adam of course- thankfully he was obliging- albeit a little begrudgingly haha)

We were terrible clients, totally awkward, running late and not organising a baby sitter – so Adam was playing Dad and photographer all at the same timeWinking smile (You are amazing Adam!)

Grateful for this girl in my life. Always constant, always wise, lives with faith and always has a long winded story and a laugh to share haha. The best kind of friend (as Anne of Green Gables would say) “a kindred spirit”! ♥ you to the moon and back Princess Jasmin!


Here are a couple of photos of the little critters behind the scenes that Daddy shot over his shoulder. Grateful they were only slightly mischief and fairly well behaved while mummy had her photos takenWinking smile Aren’t they adorable?!


And here is me and Jazzy when we were wee little 20yr olds – so stylish! Bless “Free Comic Book Day”. It was a really great day, we met a gorgeous little frenchman with a wonderful curly moustache and got a free comic book or two. Fabulous!


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Book Week

A few weeks ago when cleaning up we found some unused air-conditioning tubes, and naturally started using it for all sorts of things, a telescope, an elephants trunk etc…it then dawned on us that book week was fast approaching, so started thinking up some wild ideas with our oldest son for his book week parade costume.

We love “I wish that I had duck feet”, so I tried to convince him to go as the “Which What Who”, but he wasn’t having a bar of it! (Way too uncool for a 6 year old… apparently!!!) No, he wanted to be a robot. I tried to protest, but his mind was set. I tried to argue that we didn’t even have any books with robots in them- to which he went and fished out some obscure book he had borrowed from the library, which just happened to have a random robot in the background on one of the pages haha. So a robot it was!

We headed to Bunnings for some silver spray paint and an old box, fished out a toy police helmet from the bottom of the toy box, and Adam hit them with the spray paint. We then decided it would be a great idea to spray paint his old gumboots- which I do not recommend!!! (It’s didn’t set, so had to be washed off- we ended up painting them with silver acrylic paint, which was not ideal (cracking) but managed to live long enough to have his photo taken:) (After a bit of internet research the only paint that sticks to gumboots is Posca paint pens!)

So the costume was ready to go, book week had arrived annnnnnd, he was sick. Too sick to go to school, so we missed our favourite event of the year:(  A few days later when he was feeling better, we decided to go and take some cool photos so he could still show his classmates his costume:) Below are his selection of favourites (with exception of the smiling shot- which I snuck in- he wasn’t too fussed on that one;))


IMG_2737 IMG_2766IMG_2749IMG_2828 IMG_2860 IMG_2866

This is the Which What Who, for those who haven’t read “I wish that I had duck feet”!


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Workshops for Photographers

Adam our main man has been running a few photography workshops and tutorials here and there, and last year (yep, I’m pretty behind in blogging) hosted a workshop in Christchurch New Zealand. His workshops generally focus on the business side of running a photography business, but now and then, have a shooting element included. This was one such occasion that included a shoot.

After a day of learning in the classroom Adam, his pupils, and the gorgeous couple hit the backyard (agh, NZ is amazing) of one of the workshop attendees for a quick shoot. Adam’s approach to photography is quite relaxed, he enjoys connecting with his subjects and interacting in a way that is fun, and fuss free in order to get the best out of his subjects. We love the results and love to help inspire other photographers that capturing real emotion is not daunting, but a fun and enjoyable experience, for both the photographer, and the people in front of the camera!

Photography Workshop Christchurch-001 Photography Workshop Christchurch-002 Photography Workshop Christchurch-003 Photography Workshop Christchurch-004 Photography Workshop Christchurch-005 Photography Workshop Christchurch-006 Photography Workshop Christchurch-007 Photography Workshop Christchurch-008 Photography Workshop Christchurch-009 Photography Workshop Christchurch-010 Photography Workshop Christchurch-011 Photography Workshop Christchurch-012 Photography Workshop Christchurch-013 Photography Workshop Christchurch-014 Photography Workshop Christchurch-015 And here are the lovely attendees! Isn’t Christchurch amazing?! Photography Workshop Christchurch-016 Photography Workshop Christchurch-017
And one with Adam there on the end there too! —> (The fellow in Blue:)) Photography Workshop Christchurch-018

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Our family

Late last year we had a bit of a near tragedy happen within our family. Our 3yr old took a bit of a dive out of a second story window and fell 3.6mtrs (head first) onto a concrete landing. It was scary and it was horrible, but God blessed our boy and although he was bruised badly (and a bit shaken up), he was OK.

It was a bit of a reality check. Needless to say, the weeks following the accident, there was ALOT of family time, lots of cuddles and lots of prayers of thanks giving. Beautiful friends and family showered us with love and we just felt so blessed that we still had our little boy with us.

A couple of weeks later, we had a client shoot postpone on the most glorious afternoon ever! We decided to take the opportunity to go and play with our boys. Master 3 reminded us of our promise to take some photos of him flying… I reminded him that his face was still a bit bruised, and asked if he wanted to wait until his bruise had gone away. (He had been quite self conscious of it). He smiled and said “No, cause I can show people the photos and say “That’s my bruise!”” Haha such a boy!

We love building fun things out of cardboard together to play with (can’t beat a cardboard box for entertainment right?!). Our little guy has been right into “biplanes” for a while, so we decided to get crafty and make one together. He was so over-the-moon with our creation, and so very chuffed with his painting and sticking efforts, and said we needed to take a photo of him “flying in his plane”.

So our impromptu photoshoot turned out so fun! We pretty much role-played the whole time, which I think comes across in our little guys expressions. Bub is kinda just like “what are we doing?” Which we found very funny and we enjoyed coming up with captions for the photos to tell a story when we viewed them at home. For days after the shoot, master 3 was telling everyone he came in contact with that he flew his plane, all by himself (he was surprised and extremely excited when he saw the photos, and we could see his brain ticking over as he tried to make sense of the “flying” photos:)


family photos brisbane 00family photos brisbane 18

Hmmmm we just can’t seem to get this thing started…

family photos brisbane 01family photos brisbane 02family photos brisbane 03family photos brisbane 04family photos brisbane 05family photos brisbane 15family photos brisbane 06family photos brisbane 08family photos brisbane 09family photos brisbane 10family photos brisbane 11family photos brisbane 12family photos brisbane 13

So we were not quite dressed for a family photo… but I thought I would share anyway;) I love the expression on bubs face- I’m pretty sure he thinks we are all mad!

family photos brisbane 16family photos brisbane 17family photos brisbane 14

I might as well add a couple of “behind the scenes” photos too:) Oh how we love these boys!


8 Responses to Our family

  1. What precious memories. Gorgeous.

  2. Janine said:

    What an adorable family. I was so sorry to hear about the accident, and relieved to hear of the brave mans speedy recovery. Thank you for sharing your story with us. We can all use the reminder to treasure our loved ones and take more time (and photos) together.

  3. these are just magic. Love xx. How did you get them in the sky like that!!!!
    Silly clients for cancelling on a night like that! And good on you for taking the opportunity to make use of it.

    • Deep Grey said:

      Chelsea… it’s all pretty tricksy! We scratched out heads for a while trying to figure out how to do it yet still get the bottom of the plane in (as if we sat it on something, it would be hard to make it look “natural” in the post processing. In the end we decided to hold the box. It is two images joined together. One shot of the box being held from the front- and the other being held from the back:)

  4. Beautiful family!!! Lovely photos as always. x

  5. Catriona said:

    Precious! Love the touch of the aviators 😀

    • Deep Grey said:

      Haha Catriona, I actually didn’t know they were called “Aviators” until after the shoot when someone mentioned it… even Adam laughed at me. I just put him in those because we didn’t have any goggles;) Worked out for the best!

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World’s Greatest Shave


Life is such an amazing thing… sometimes caught up doing our own little thing, it is easy to forget how hard and fleeting life can be. So today being valentines day, I thought I would share a little love story as it were… Well to me, sacrificing your hair to create awareness, raise money and give moral support to those struggling is a pretty awesome love story I think!

Over the weekend we were blessed with the opportunity to photograph an old friend (well a new friend for Adam) to celebrate the gift of her daddy’s curls before she takes the plunge next month to shave her head (to the scalp – eip!) as part of the “Worlds Greatest Shave” to help raise money for the Leukaemia foundation.

Chelsea’s Dad passed away from cancer at the young age of 29… Leaving her mother a widow to two small boys with a baby girl (Chelsea) due to be born. Two weeks after his passing, this incredible young woman came into the world.

When I heard that Chelsea was “shaving for a cure” I was really touched, we chatted about it, and she mentioned her main motivation for doing the Worlds Greatest Shave was the struggles with ill health and cancer she has witnessed some of her dear friends going through, as well as her family’s history and a bit of inspiration from a friend shaving last year.

So, after a crazy suggestion, a couple of quick chats, and a postponed client shoot- Chelsea jumped a flight to come to Brisbane to be photographed. We hope you feel inspired by this beautiful young woman too! Finding a cure isn’t cheap, so (pretty please!) help Chelsea reach her donation goal. Even $5 will help! Smile 

You can sponsor Chelsea’s shave here: 

We are also excited to share this beautiful little film we created to help Chelsea raise money for “The World’s Greatest Shave”!

Enjoy! (That hair!!!)


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