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Ben and Nikki

Ben and Nikki were recently married, so we thought we had better show off a couple of their snugly engagement portraits before showing off their beautiful wedding photos!

They decided to have their engagement portraits on a crispy cool afternoon up on the mountain, perfect weather for rugging up and snuggling up close! Winter is always such a perfect time of year to have portraits taken for this very reason!

Ben and Nikki you are adorable!

Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-001 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-002 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-004Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-003Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-005 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-006 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-007 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-008 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-009 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-010 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-011 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-012 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-013 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-014 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-015 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-016 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-017 Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-018Engagement photos Mt Tamborine-019

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We love how a simple silhouette can add such a element of romance to a portrait session!

I love this dreamy image of Alice and Darryl as they wandered off alone as the sun dropped behind the hill.


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Andrew and Deborah

We are so excited to be photographing Andrew and Deborah’s wedding tomorrow in Maleny! We photographed Deborah’s brothers (and amazing wifeys) wedding a few years ago which was such a beautiful wedding- and we know that this wedding will be just as spectacular and love filled. They have such a lovely family:)

We loved photographing these two to celebrate their engagement. The way they make each other laugh is adorable – they are going to make for one spunky bride and groom tomorrow!

Can’t wait 😀

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Charlie and Emma

Emma and Charlie and getting hitched today! So what better time to share a little of their engagement shoot and their awesome wedding invitation! (Blurred text of course, we don’t want any wedding crashes haha).

Cross your fingers for Charlie, Emma their guests + our Adam and also Geoff from Motion Art that there will be a miraculous cool breeze this afternoon! The temperature was already hitting 41degrees on Adams drive down to the Gold Coast!!! Eip!

Charlie and Emma live in Townsville, so when chatting to them about their wedding photography, we were excited to tell them that Adam was heading up to Townville shortly for a quick business trip (Adam has run a few business of photography workshops last year for up and coming photographers and the next one was scheduled for Townsville) and would be happy to do their engagement photo shoot while on his trip. It all came together perfectly!

Emma had in her mind she would love to have an engagement shoot to create a poster/Hollywood inspired wedding invitation, so together we nutted out a plan for something a little epic- and something suitable for a romantic movie cover.

Adam arrived in Townsville and caught up with Emma & Charlie. When initially discussing the shoot, they had all immediately thought of Castle hill (how could you not- Epic certainly comes to mind when you see that massive rock sticking out of the ground right next to the city!).

They started shooting in the Townsville gardens, then headed over to the beach, then up to Castle Hill. It was such an amazing afternoon! Townsville is certainly on the love list for shooting- it is such a photogenic town.

Enjoy! And good luck to Charlie and Emma today! We back at the studio can’t wait to see the photos and start creating your beautiful wedding story book:)

Engagement photography Townsville001 Engagement photography Townsville004Engagement photography Townsville002 Engagement photography Townsville003Engagement photography Townsville005 Engagement photography Townsville006 Engagement photography Townsville007 Engagement photography Townsville008 Engagement photography Townsville009 Engagement photography Townsville010 Engagement photography Townsville011 Engagement photography Townsville012 Engagement photography Townsville013 Engagement photography Townsville014 Engagement photography Townsville015 Engagement photography Townsville016

And as for the movie poster- I think it certainly filled the brief! We loved how it all came together. I’ll take a photo of printed invitations one of these days to post- they looked amazing!

Engagement photography Townsville017

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Steve & Leanne

We’ve loved getting to know Steve and Leanne. We first met them at their wedding consultation with us, and then got to know them a little more at the engagement shoot which was amazing! (I’ve never quite seen a sunset like the swirling red sunset they were blessed with!)

Steve and Leanne are delightful to be around, Steve is hilarious and Leanne has the most incredibly warm smile which lights up her whole face and welcomes all those who come into her presence. The engagement shoot was great – and the wedding even better. They are such sweethearts!

The team at Deep Grey tried to egg Adam on to ride in a speed boat alongside the yacht to capture the portraits a’la James Bond style, but alas, shoot from the shore he did- but did so amazingly of course;)

We love Steve and Leannes gorgeous portraits – it was such a beautiful afternoon spent together, topped off with an incredible sunset and moonrise over the water as the couple sailed off home into the sunset:) Ahhh bliss!

Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-010Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-006Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-004 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-002 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-003 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-005 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-008Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-007 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-009 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-011 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-012 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-014 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-015 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-016 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-017 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-019 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-020 Gold Coast-Wedding-Photographer-021
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