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The Best of Brisbane Luxury Christmas Giveaway!

We hope you have all had an beautiful Christmas/New years relaxing with your families. We had a wild lead up to Christmas, so have enjoyed kicking back over the last week or so for some chilled out family time!

We would like to take a moment out to thank all of our clients/readers for their support in 2013- we are looking forward to celebrating our 10th year as Deep Grey in 2014! It has been a fantastic journey so far, and we are looking forward to the next 10 years, continuing to create amazing photographs for the walls of your homes, along with albums and keepsakes for you to treasure.

If we haven’t photographed your family yet, our amazing “Best of Brisbane Luxury Christmas Giveaway” could be just the thing you need to get your butt into gear! Entries close on the 7th of January, and the winner will be announced on 14th January, 2014. So pop over to to enter:) We will be doing some spot runner up prizes too so if you think you wont “win” don’t despair- there may still be something in it for you:)

The incredible prize pool is valued at $4265 and includes:

*Professional photography of your family + the rockin’ “Ella” canvas collection for your walls valued at $1840(courtesy of Deep Grey of course;)

*Xennox Diamonds $500 Gift Certificate

*Queensland Reds 2x tickets for The Mount Franklin Glasshouse Inner Sanctum experience valued at $392

*Elite Holiday Homes $300 Gift Certificate

*Spring Food and Wine $150 Gift Certificate

*Curio Project designer Butterfly Dome valued at $420 and Butterfly Necklace valued at $190

*Teneriffe Bathhouse and Day Spa 60 min Wellbeing Massage plus single visit of the Bathhouse valued at $120

*Blossom Beauty Studios Sole Delight Spa Pedicure valued at $95

*Mayfield Chocolates 32 piece chocolate box valued at $55

*Palace Cinemas 2x adult movie tickets valued at $35

*The Foundation professional make up for your Deep Grey portrait session valued at $150

Aghh. I’m still trying to figure out how I can enter myself;) All of the gifts are perfect for relaxing after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season- I am certainly craving some amazing spa treatments;)

Hopefully you will be received a phone call from us in a week or so!

Good Luck!

This is what the beautiful “Ella” wall gallery collection we will be giving away looks like- 2x 16×20” canvas’ with a 20×30” canvas in between them. It is one of our most popular wall galleries (and it is easy to see why!).


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World’s Greatest Shave


Life is such an amazing thing… sometimes caught up doing our own little thing, it is easy to forget how hard and fleeting life can be. So today being valentines day, I thought I would share a little love story as it were… Well to me, sacrificing your hair to create awareness, raise money and give moral support to those struggling is a pretty awesome love story I think!

Over the weekend we were blessed with the opportunity to photograph an old friend (well a new friend for Adam) to celebrate the gift of her daddy’s curls before she takes the plunge next month to shave her head (to the scalp – eip!) as part of the “Worlds Greatest Shave” to help raise money for the Leukaemia foundation.

Chelsea’s Dad passed away from cancer at the young age of 29… Leaving her mother a widow to two small boys with a baby girl (Chelsea) due to be born. Two weeks after his passing, this incredible young woman came into the world.

When I heard that Chelsea was “shaving for a cure” I was really touched, we chatted about it, and she mentioned her main motivation for doing the Worlds Greatest Shave was the struggles with ill health and cancer she has witnessed some of her dear friends going through, as well as her family’s history and a bit of inspiration from a friend shaving last year.

So, after a crazy suggestion, a couple of quick chats, and a postponed client shoot- Chelsea jumped a flight to come to Brisbane to be photographed. We hope you feel inspired by this beautiful young woman too! Finding a cure isn’t cheap, so (pretty please!) help Chelsea reach her donation goal. Even $5 will help! Smile 

You can sponsor Chelsea’s shave here: 

We are also excited to share this beautiful little film we created to help Chelsea raise money for “The World’s Greatest Shave”!

Enjoy! (That hair!!!)


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The Lane, Flowergirls

Way back towards the beginning of the year, we were commissioned by The Lane to shoot a vintage tea party- made for the littlest members of the bridal party. The idea was to showcase to The Lane brides, some of the gorgeous children’s dress designers we have at our fingertips here in Australia, while at the same time inspiring sweet tables for your little ones to dine at.

We absolutely adore children at weddings! Their cute, funny and unpredictable ways are guaranteed to keep your guest entertained. Accommodating children at your wedding can be fun, especially if you are planning an outdoor reception… let them run barefoot and free, making new friends and eating lots of cake!

Dresses by Tea Princess and Tutu MondeSmile Styling by The Lane.


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One Response to The Lane, Flowergirls

  1. This is better than any work I have seen anywhere in Australia Congratulations this is just inspiring !! – Truly stunning !

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The LANE vintage flower girl shoot

A few weeks back now we photographed a gorgeous little Tea Party for The Lane.

In Karissas words “If you’re having a garden or countryside wedding you’re going to love this one! You’ll also find creative ideas for styling a children’s wedding table… and of course a range of lovely flower girl dresses & page boy outfits to swoon over!”

So now you have had a little taste of what this seriously cute shoot is about- what are you waiting for?! Get your self over to The LANE now to check out the full editorial, with loads more pictures and scrumptious wedding inspiration!

How adorable are these kids (and the old dog)?! They were perfectSmile


3 Responses to The LANE vintage flower girl shoot

  1. MK said:

    I love the dog photo LOL. Didn’t see that the other day. Great work guys.

  2. Catriona said:

    OH my goodness. Your photography + their styling = too much gorgeousness!! What a totally dreamy, adorable shoot. love it!!!

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Waitangi Day

A few months back, Adam filmed a TV ad for Waitangi Day with his good friend Dan (You may remember him from the photo shoot with a goat a while back).
As yesterday was Waitangi Day, we now have permission to put the ad up on our blog!
For those of you who have no idea what we are on about, educate yourselves here 🙂 Wiki

Cast in order or appearance:

Samantha Duncanson
Beth Alford (Who you may remember from her gorgeous maternity shoot)
Alex Kennison (Photographer extraordinaire who perhaps just found a new calling in life)
Burke Alford
Matt Dean (Don’t die ladies, Dean was an extra in Twilight. Yes, it’s true;)

2 Responses to Waitangi Day

  1. Carolyn said:

    Hahahahaha – that was a good laugh! Beauty bonza mate.

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