Charlie and Emma

Charlie and Emma decided to rent a house for the week of their wedding. Living in North Queensland, and travelling to the Gold Coast for the celebrations, renting a home to spend time with loved ones was such a great decision! There was so much laughter from upstairs where the girls were getting ready, and downstairs where the lads were scrubbing up, and it made for such beautiful photographs of their morning wedding preparations, and I’m sure such great memories of time spend together.

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Charlie had wanted to go bare foot to the wedding (considering it was 40degrees, it would not have been a bad idea!) but Emma didn’t like the idea… so Charlie decided to get creative hahah!

Yes these are the shoes he wore ALLLL day, and Emma was none the wiser until it was revealed at the Wedding reception. I don’t even know how he kept these on straight all day- that is some mad skills!!!

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This is what 40 degrees looks like on a wedding day! This little bad boy was snapped up seconds later;)
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Peep toes!!! So funny! Chatting about this later, Emma said she thought it was weird when Adam directed Charlie to put his legs out straight in front of him. Once she found out about the souless shoes, it all made sense;)

CE-590 CE-610Charlie is an engineer and designed this incredible cake! Their cake maker did a beautiful job of putting it together!
Their reception was held at the Southport Yacht Club.
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