Jared and Fou

A month or so back Adam flew back to New Zealand yet again to photograph another beautiful wedding. While he was there, he managed to catch up with some wonderful friends and past clients of ours, to photograph “their” baby bump!

Adam has known Jared for many years, and we were blessed to meet Fou a couple of months before their wedding. Since meeting Fou, I have felt privileged to witness her amazing faith and optimistic character in facing challenges many of us could never even dream of. She is truly an inspiration to me as a woman, and I am so excited to meet their beautiful miracle bub in a few months time.

We love you guys xx

Oh and the shoot took place near Mt Victoria overlooking Auckland (it was freezing apparently!).








10 Responses to Jared and Fou

  1. charlie said:

    wow beautiful..thankyou for such stunning inspiration!

  2. stephanie tohovaka kelly said:

    awe just brilliantly beautiful!! 🙂

  3. Heidi Iafeta Lokotui said:

    Wow these photos are amazing!! You look gorgeous .. Love it love it!! I’m saving one on my phone!!

  4. Fou Leavaiseeta said:

    Some people have personal stylists and others may have their own make up artists! However, Jared and I are so blessed to have Fiona & Adam not only as our good friends, but our personal photographers.
    You guys have captured two of the most important events in our lives together so far, wedding & now the beauty of expecting our first child, our “miracle” baby.

    There’s no way for us to express our graditude for what you’ve done for us so far! It goes without saying that you guys are SIMPLY THE BEST!

    We love you guys so much – next even, family photos! hehe..we honestly can’t wait!
    Love Fou & Jared!

  5. Mellisa Silaga said:

    sis you look stunning…awww so excited to meet your bub…girl u and jared are blessed…and thank u to wonderful photograher for the shots of our beautiful and more fortinate cuzon fou…whooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


    VERY BEAUTIFUL PICTURES !!! Love it <3 Cant wait to see the little man ! xoxox

  7. Julie Daniels (ADHB) said:

    Awesome pics, looking forward to seeing the pics of baby

    12/5/10 @ 6.37pm

  8. Marie Williams (ADHB) said:

    These are very awesome pics, can’t wait till your baby arrives. God Bless to you both.

    13/5/2010 8.26am

  9. Felicity said:

    I love the way Fou works the camera (and her outfit 🙂 gorgeous!!

  10. Diana Ahloo said:

    Absolutely stunning sis!!!these pics are gorgeous n you look so happy!luv u loadsxoxo

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