Dee and Kedah

Kedah came to have her pregnancy photos done with only a few days remaining till her little man arrived… (no surprises he ran a little late- look at that cute little package!)

We started the shoot off with couple shoot at sunrise down the Gold Coast. It was an absolutely beautiful morning! The day after the shoot was Valentines day and Dee bought Kedah a couple of gorgeous gifts… so as a surprise for Dee, Kedah came out again for part II of her maternity shoot, needless to say Dee LOVED them (and how could he not, he adores his girl!







For whatever reason, doesn’t the picture on the right remind you of Bob Marley? Or is it just me?!




I was so excited when I found these flowers on the side of the road. How perfect are they? 🙂

9 Responses to Dee and Kedah

  1. Sarah Mclean said:

    So beautifuL!

  2. alyda said:

    Oh these are just divine! Those last shots in the field are killer :).

  3. Kath said:

    Absolutely Amazing . Great work Fiona&Adam . they look stunning . loved it 🙂

  4. Stephanie Kelly said:

    they are so brilliant cant wait for our turn lol

  5. Kedah said:

    Omgsh! i lovem everytime i look at them, hmm next shoots tha family one lol!
    thanks heaps fiona and adam..

  6. Oww how awesome! Beautiful and natural. Where is this wall!!?? I want to shoot there! On the Coast you say??
    And oh my gosh, its been a while since ive stopped by – but your latest weddings are stunning!! as always. 🙂

  7. Marara said:

    really like these ones guys…congrats Dee & Kedah 😀
    ….Fiona and Adam….you are stars!!!

  8. DJ WHOA said:

    jus amazin 🙂 u look like a star in dese fotoz .. 🙂

  9. Cathy said:

    For some reason, I totally love the image of Kedah’s belly showing and the roses behind her back…just SO pretty!

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