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Gerard + Katie | Engaged

We loved Gerard and Katies engagement shoot and Wedding! I’m itching to post some photos from their wedding on our blog- but thought I had better show off their engagement photos tooSmile 

Even though we battled against overcast weather in the forest and an accident on the Bruce highway that clogged up the mountain roads (craaazy traffic jam!!!). We watched the sun come out and then set on the way up the hill, but we still managed to capture a little of the sky’s fading colour in amongst a couple of wedding parties on the famous One Tree Hill in Maleny haha:)

It was such a lovely afternoon and Gerard and Katie were such good sports, and amongst all the drama still had gorgeous smiles on their faces!

Melany Engagement Photography_001Melany Engagement Photography_003Melany Engagement Photography_002Melany Engagement Photography_004Melany Engagement Photography_005Melany Engagement Photography_006Melany Engagement Photography_007Melany Engagement Photography_008Melany Engagement Photography_009Melany Engagement Photography_010Melany Engagement Photography_011Melany Engagement Photography_012Melany Engagement Photography_013Melany Engagement Photography_014

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Matthew and Ann-Marie

Matthew and Ann-Marie are getting married in Brisbane today, so what better time to share their cute engagement shoot! (Well technically they got married this morning, and right now will be having a beautiful ring ceremony on the Gold Coast:) I can’t wait to see the photos when Adam gets home tonight (I can never resist a sneak preview;)

The engagement shoot began in the beautiful pine forests on the Sunshine Coast, followed by some photos on the outskirts of the beautiful little town called Maleny up in the Hinterland. Matt and Annie were delightful to photograph and gave Adam some great laughs with their crazy playful antics:)

Engagement-photos-maleny-001 Engagement-photos-maleny-002 Engagement-photos-maleny-003 Engagement-photos-maleny-004 Engagement-photos-maleny-005 Engagement-photos-maleny-006Engagement-photos-maleny-007 Engagement-photos-maleny-008 Engagement-photos-maleny-009 Engagement-photos-maleny-010Engagement-photos-maleny-011 Engagement-photos-maleny-012 Engagement-photos-maleny-013 Engagement-photos-maleny-014 Engagement-photos-maleny-015 Engagement-photos-maleny-016Engagement-photos-maleny-017Engagement-photos-maleny-018Engagement-photos-maleny-019

We loved the story of how these guys met… The pair happened to be at an event surrounded by mutual friends, Matt obviously knows what he wants in life, saw Ann-Marie, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and marched her off declaring they were going on a date. Ann-Marie laughed, they hit it off, fell in love and the rest is history. It makes me laugh every time I think of it:)  (The happiness that radiates from these two is just contagious! A match made in Heaven that is for sure).

Engagement-photos-maleny-020 Engagement-photos-maleny-021 Engagement-photos-maleny-022

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