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Geoff and Rachael

We were really looking forward to photographing Rachael and Geoff get married. They are two beautiful souls, and the whole wedding was just a massive ball of sweet emotion. We have known and worked with Geoff on a number of occasions over the past few years, as he kicks around the Brisbane/Gold Coast wedding scene as a kick-butt wedding cinematographer (He is the creative genius behind Motion Art). We were excited to finally meet Rachael in the lead up to their wedding. She is just as stunning on the inside as she is on the outside:)

 Sirromet Wedding Photography_02Sirromet Wedding Photography_01Sirromet Wedding Photography_04 Sirromet Wedding Photography_05 Sirromet Wedding Photography_06 Sirromet Wedding Photography_07 Sirromet Wedding Photography_08 Sirromet Wedding Photography_09Sirromet Wedding Photography_03 Sirromet Wedding Photography_10 Sirromet Wedding Photography_19
Geoff (being an American and all- we forgive him, mainly just because he married Rachael so is pretty much a bona fide Australian now) and Rachael decided to have a “first look” (which is a bit of an American wedding trend) prior to heading off to Sirromet for their wedding ceremony – to get out the jitters and have a few moments alone… It was so beautiful. We headed to Gold Coast’s Pizzey Park, which set such a romantic scene. The looks on their faces when they checked each other our for the first time in their wedding wares, was just priceless:)
(Geoff wears Wil Valor, and Rachael wears Helena Couture Designs) Sirromet Wedding Photography_11 Sirromet Wedding Photography_12.3Sirromet Wedding Photography_12-2Sirromet Wedding Photography_13Sirromet Wedding Photography_14Sirromet Wedding Photography_12Sirromet Wedding Photography_16Sirromet Wedding Photography_15Sirromet Wedding Photography_17 Sirromet Wedding Photography_18Sirromet Wedding Photography_25Sirromet Wedding Photography_22 Sirromet Wedding Photography_23Sirromet Wedding Photography_21 Sirromet Wedding Photography_24
I love how awestruck Geoff looks even though he and Rachael had already spent some time together for their First Look… It was like he was seeing her for the first time all over again… adorable! 😀
Sirromet Wedding Photography_26 Sirromet Wedding Photography_27 Sirromet Wedding Photography_28 Sirromet Wedding Photography_29 Sirromet Wedding Photography_30 Sirromet Wedding Photography_31 Sirromet Wedding Photography_32 Sirromet Wedding Photography_33 Sirromet Wedding Photography_34Sirromet Wedding Photography_35 Sirromet Wedding Photography_36 Sirromet Wedding Photography_37 Sirromet Wedding Photography_38
Geoff’s first and only choice as their wedding celebrant was Clarah Luxford who is a fantastic celebrant, and dear friend to he and Rachael- they too met through the wedding industry working together on countless weddings!
Sirromet Wedding Photography_39 Sirromet Wedding Photography_40 Sirromet Wedding Photography_41 Sirromet Wedding Photography_42 Sirromet Wedding Photography_43 Sirromet Wedding Photography_44 Sirromet Wedding Photography_45 Sirromet Wedding Photography_46 Sirromet Wedding Photography_47 Sirromet Wedding Photography_48 Sirromet Wedding Photography_49 Sirromet Wedding Photography_50 Sirromet Wedding Photography_51 Sirromet Wedding Photography_52 Sirromet Wedding Photography_53GR-467Sirromet Wedding Photography_54 Sirromet Wedding Photography_55 Sirromet Wedding Photography_56 Sirromet Wedding Photography_57 Sirromet Wedding Photography_58Sirromet Wedding Photography_59Sirromet Wedding Photography_60Sirromet Wedding Photography_61Sirromet Wedding Photography_63Sirromet Wedding Photography_62Sirromet Wedding Photography_65Sirromet Wedding Photography_66Sirromet Wedding Photography_68 Sirromet Wedding Photography_69Sirromet Wedding Photography_64Sirromet Wedding Photography_67
Geoff and Rachael opted for classic simplistic styling for their ceremony and reception decor, and employed the help of Beautiful Wedding Australia to create this for them. I must say I’m impressed- Geoff and Rach didn’t want any input into the design- they basically just told their stylist to create something simple- Rach didn’t even know what her bouquet would look like!Sirromet Wedding Photography_72Sirromet Wedding Photography_70 Sirromet Wedding Photography_71Sirromet Wedding Photography_74Sirromet Wedding Photography_73Sirromet Wedding Photography_75GR-584 Sirromet Wedding Photography_76 Sirromet Wedding Photography_77 Sirromet Wedding Photography_78 Sirromet Wedding Photography_79 Sirromet Wedding Photography_80 Sirromet Wedding Photography_81 Sirromet Wedding Photography_82 Sirromet Wedding Photography_83 Sirromet Wedding Photography_84 Sirromet Wedding Photography_85Sirromet Wedding Photography_87 Sirromet Wedding Photography_88Sirromet Wedding Photography_89Sirromet Wedding Photography_86
And last but not least, you must check out Geoff and Rachael’s wedding story captured by the incredible Abe from Untitled Film Works. He is based in Sydney, but Geoff who’s work and passion is wedding cinema, couldn’t resist flying Abe up to Brisbane capture the occasion!…
Check it out- it’s wowzers!

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Matt and Annie

You might recognise Matt and Annie from their crazy fun mountain engagement shoot a while back. They were married in the beautiful Latter-Day Saint Brisbane Australia temple on the Kangaroo Point cliffs and then headed down to Parkwood International for a ring ceremony and their reception, but not before sneaking away to the Spit to have some beautiful beach photos taken at sunset:)

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Ryan and Skylee

Cedar Creek Estate Winery is such stunning backdrop for a wedding. Pair that up with sunlight streaming through the Estates maple trees and it is nothing short of magical!

We had been looking forward to Ryan and Skylee’s wedding – I’m pretty sure one of our first phone conversation went for around an hour or so as we chatted about the wedding and a million other things! I knew then that Skylee completely trusted us, and from there on in, it could only be awesome!

Not long before the wedding Roberta from Green and Bloom contacted me in excitement to say that she would be providing the beautiful florals for the wedding which made me (clearly this is Fiona speaking here haha) even more excited about the wedding photos! Green and Bloom are my fave Brisbane based wedding florists, we have worked together on a few personal projects, but had yet to work together on a wedding- so it was indeed exciting!

ANYWAY, Adam had an absolute ball photographing Ryan and Skylee’s wedding, and loved playing a wedding slideshow of some of his favourite wedding images during the reception. It was great to see Ryan, Skylee and their guests reactions to the first glimpse of the wedding photos, and we loved hearing of all the beautiful compliments that flowed Ryan and Skylee’s way afterwards. They really did rock their photo shoot and just looked so loved up and happy all day:D Rock on guys!

Thanks for choosing us to share your wedding day with! As always it was an honour x


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We love how Ryan and Skylee’s album turned out. Working together we were able to custom design a beautiful blind embossed taupe leather album, designed to suit their wedding stationery. It looked so pretty!




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Dave and Kate

Dave and Kate were married at the beautiful Albert River Wines at the base of Mt Tamborine. It was such an amazing day!

Kate and her girlfriends got ready on Mt Tamborine, surrounded by loose flowers, and a few feathered spectators. The girls were putting together their bouquets as we arrived – too clever! They looked incredibleSmile

It was such an honour to be at your wedding Kate! (Kate and Fiona were friends way back in High School, so we were delighted when she asked us to photograph her wedding). We had the best day and still can’t get over the amazing sunshine you were blessed with on your wedding day… It was pretty much perfect- as are the two of you together. Nawwww.

Extra details:
Videography by Motion Art
Cake decorations: The Felting Pot (One of Kate’s talented bridesmaids!)

Much love guys x

Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 001Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 002Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 003Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 004Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 005Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 006Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 007Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 008Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 009Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 010Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 011Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 012Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 013Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 014Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 015Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 016Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 017Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 018Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 019Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 020Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 021Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 022Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 023Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 024Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 025Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 026Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 027Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 028Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 030Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 031Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 032Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 029Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 033Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 035Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 036Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 038Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 037Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 039Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 040Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 041Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 044Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 042Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 046Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 047

At this point the donkey on the right was possessively eyeing off Kate- I’m pretty sure he wanted to eat her dress!

Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 045Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 048Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 049Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 050Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 051Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 052Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 053Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 054Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 055Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 056Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 057Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 058Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 059Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 060Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 061Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 062Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 063Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 064Albert River Wines Wedding Photography 065

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Leigh and Amanda

Leigh and Amanda contacted us saying that they were having an Alice and Wonderland themed wedding, and would love to have us photograph the event for them- needless to say, our interest was peeked, and we were rather excitedSmile

Their wedding day was absolutely amazing, not just because of the beautiful theming, but because of their gorgeous personalities and the obvious love between the two of them, and between their family and friends. They have killer smiles and they are not afraid to use them!

It was a pleasure to be a part of your wedding Leigh and Amanda, and we wish you all the best (and hope you are having a brilliant time in Africa!!!)

Incredible cake by: Taya at Deliciously Decadent Cake Design
Styling by: Style on Q
Venue: Hyatt Regency Sanctuary Cove (Gold Coast).

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