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Casual beach portraits

We love the chilled out nature of our portrait shoots, and how they allow our clients to feel comfortable and be themselves.

We love that these guys bought this quirky portrait for their wall 🙂


This stunning portrait of the girls also now takes pride of place in their home, along with their gorgeous casual family portrait, laughing together with their feet in the ocean.

MR-039 MR-055

(I love these others too!)


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The lovely Ann & co.

Ann and her family were delightful to photograph! We loved the fun, enthusiasm and delight they found in each other. They had a great afternoon together enjoying each others company and it was beautiful to see how they interacted with one another.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity of meeting and photographing your beautiful family Ann, it was a pleasure to meet you all, and we are so glad that you love your portraits!

Gold Coast Family Photos -001 Gold Coast Family Photos -002 Gold Coast Family Photos -003 Gold Coast Family Photos -004 Gold Coast Family Photos -005 Gold Coast Family Photos -006 Gold Coast Family Photos -007 Gold Coast Family Photos -008 Gold Coast Family Photos -009 Gold Coast Family Photos -010 Gold Coast Family Photos -011 Gold Coast Family Photos -012 Gold Coast Family Photos -013 Gold Coast Family Photos -014 Gold Coast Family Photos -015 Gold Coast Family Photos -016

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Giveaway announced tomorrow!

As you might remember,”The Best of Brisbane – Luxury Christmas Giveaway” winner will be announced tomorrow! Wheeee!

So if you have entered, keep your phones by your sides, as the photo call we will be making might just be for you:D

The last major giveaway we had was for Mothers Day last year. So I thought in anticipation of the big announcement tomorrow, I would share some from the winning family lovely portraits. (That dinosaur shot kills me!)


1 14 WP-005 WP-006 WP-013 WP-026 WP-030 WP-032 WP-042 WP-044 WP-048 WP-0050 WP-051 WP-052 WP-062 WP-063 WP-070 WP-097WP-056

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Keryn’s boys certainly kept Adam on his toes! We love that their cheeky personalities that shine through in the photos. The boys loved the experience and had a ball, which is what our family photography is all about- creating time together as a family, having fun, and capturing your families dynamics and the silly things you love about each other at this moment in time. It truly is an honour to be able to preserve these beautiful memories for our clients.

Thank you Keryn for allowing us to photograph this time in your family’s life. We hope each time you look at your photos a massive grin will spread across your face:)

Gold Coast Family Photography 001 Gold Coast Family Photography 002 Gold Coast Family Photography 003 Gold Coast Family Photography 015Gold Coast Family Photography 004 Gold Coast Family Photography 005 Gold Coast Family Photography 006 Gold Coast Family Photography 007 Gold Coast Family Photography 008 Gold Coast Family Photography 009 Gold Coast Family Photography 010 Gold Coast Family Photography 011 Gold Coast Family Photography 012 Gold Coast Family Photography 013 Gold Coast Family Photography 014  Gold Coast Family Photography 016 Gold Coast Family Photography 017 Gold Coast Family Photography 018 Gold Coast Family Photography 019

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Frolicking in the forest

Quite a few years back now (5 years or so ago) we met, and photographed Matt and Jos’s wedding. We had so much fun with them!

It was so great to catch up again to meet and photograph their awesome little guy.

In keeping with the wedding theme (slightly déjà vu!) we were blessed with a little rain while shooting their portraitsWinking smile. Luckily we were still blessed with a little bit of sunshine and a beautiful sunset and lots of time to frolic through the forest!

We can’t wait to meet your next addition to the family guys- it was so lovely catching up after all these years and seeing how happy you are still making each other.

Much love!


Family Photography Gold Coast001Family Photography Gold Coast010Family Photography Gold Coast002Family Photography Gold Coast004Family Photography Gold Coast005Family Photography Gold Coast003Family Photography Gold Coast006Family Photography Gold Coast007Family Photography Gold Coast008Family Photography Gold Coast009Family Photography Gold Coast011Family Photography Gold Coast012Family Photography Gold Coast013Family Photography Gold Coast014Family Photography Gold Coast015Family Photography Gold Coast016Family Photography Gold Coast017Family Photography Gold Coast018Family Photography Gold Coast019Family Photography Gold Coast020

Their sweet little album titled “Frolicking in the Forest” Open-mouthed smile (Jos asked for this to be the inscription on the spine- I love it!)


And last but not least- a little ode to their beautiful wedding day!


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