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Neil & Chiara

We were really looking forward to photographing Neil and Chiara’s wedding. They live in Western Australia, so we had many conversations on the phone with Neil, and had met with Chiara briefly, but didn’t get a chance to get to know them as a couple until their engagement shoot a couple of days prior to the wedding. (Which was awesome!). They are so adorable together- their smiles radiate off each other into one big ball of crazy happiness!

Brisbane city shone on their wedding day! The bridal party got ready at the gorgeous Hilton. Chiara was adorned in a delicate off the shoulder princess gown looking like picture perfect bride in a romantic fairy-taleSmile Then it was off to the ceremony at the beautiful Holy Spirit chapel in New Farm.

While taking the formal portraits at New Farm Park, we were visited by a small furry guest… Thankfully he refrained from marking his territory! Winking smile

Once the sun went down, we took a quick stroll on the lit up streets of Brisbane and took some rockin’ night portraits around the city.

We soon arrived back at the Hilton which set the amazing scene for the reception party. (And the bullet elevators provided a bit of fun!) Smiling faces and multi-coloured streamers screamed party time as guests hit the dance floor.

Thanks for inviting us to photograph your wedding!



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Lee and Vanessa

We photographed a few weddings in Fiji last year, first up, we had the pleasure of photographing Lee and Vanessas wedding at the Warwick Hotel Fiji. Despite the weather being a little wild, the Island truly put on it’s amazing colours for their wedding celebration! Thanks so much for taking me along guys, I had such a great time documenting your wedding celebrations!

The night before the wedding, Lee and Vanessa enjoyed dinner as they watched the fire lighting ceremonies and caught up with their friends and family. It was an amazing night. Fiji is such a magical place to host a wedding:)

Wedding Photography Fiji001

The wedding morning started with a romantic morning breakfast out in a beautiful little hut on the ocean, with just the couple and a waiter catering to their every need… (and a very brief little visit from me of course;) (Look closely, I’m being waved at!)

Wedding Photography Fiji006Wedding Photography Fiji004Wedding Photography Fiji005

Then it was time to get glamorous for the big event of the day!

Wedding Photography Fiji008Wedding Photography Fiji007Wedding Photography Fiji011Wedding Photography Fiji009Wedding Photography Fiji013Wedding Photography Fiji010

Vanessa looked incredible! (Channelling the Hollywood Scarlets of the 40s Smile).

Wedding Photography Fiji012Wedding Photography Fiji014Wedding Photography Fiji015Wedding Photography Fiji016Wedding Photography Fiji017Wedding-Photography-FijiWedding Photography Fiji018

The vibe down on the beach was jovial. Lee was excited and happily chilling with his guests and waiting for his bride to arrive!

Wedding Photography Fiji019Wedding Photography Fiji020Wedding Photography Fiji021Wedding Photography Fiji022Wedding Photography Fiji023Wedding Photography Fiji024Wedding Photography Fiji025Wedding Photography Fiji026Wedding Photography Fiji027Wedding Photography Fiji028Wedding Photography Fiji029Wedding Photography Fiji030Wedding Photography Fiji031Wedding Photography Fiji032Wedding Photography Fiji033Wedding Photography Fiji034Wedding Photography Fiji035Wedding Photography Fiji036Wedding Photography Fiji037Wedding Photography Fiji038Wedding Photography Fiji039Wedding Photography Fiji040Wedding Photography Fiji041Wedding Photography Fiji042Wedding Photography Fiji043Wedding Photography Fiji044Wedding Photography Fiji045Wedding Photography Fiji046

The weather was quite wild and Vanessa’s amazing hair style took quite a beating. After initially being a little disappointed, a quick break to have her hair restyled by her talented hairstylist (it is very handy having a hair stylist as a best friend!) and she was ready once again to brave the storm. Luckily it only rained briefly and then we were blessed with a dramatic, stormy sunset!

Wedding Photography Fiji047Wedding Photography Fiji048Wedding Photography Fiji049Wedding Photography Fiji050Wedding Photography Fiji052Wedding Photography Fiji053Wedding Photography Fiji054Wedding Photography Fiji055Wedding Photography Fiji059Wedding Photography Fiji051Wedding Photography Fiji056Wedding Photography Fiji060Wedding Photography Fiji058Wedding Photography Fiji057Wedding Photography Fiji062Wedding Photography Fiji061Wedding Photography Fiji064Wedding Photography Fiji065Wedding Photography Fiji066Wedding Photography Fiji068Wedding Photography Fiji067Wedding Photography Fiji070Wedding Photography Fiji069

The reception was so much fun! Lots of laughter, good food and dancing!

Wedding Photography Fiji071Wedding Photography Fiji072Wedding Photography Fiji073Wedding Photography Fiji074Wedding Photography Fiji075Wedding Photography Fiji076Wedding Photography Fiji077Wedding Photography Fiji079Wedding Photography Fiji078Wedding Photography Fiji080Wedding Photography Fiji081Wedding Photography Fiji082Wedding Photography Fiji085Wedding Photography Fiji087Wedding Photography Fiji088Wedding Photography Fiji089Wedding Photography Fiji086Wedding Photography Fiji090Wedding Photography Fiji084Wedding Photography Fiji093Wedding Photography Fiji091Wedding Photography Fiji092Wedding Photography Fiji083

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Pete and Lisa

Adam had been looking forward to photographing Pete and Lisa’s wedding for some time- Lisa’s smile is just contagious! Ever since she came across our work (through her girlfriend Louise who had booked us to shoot her wedding last year), she has been so excited about the photography aspect of her wedding (which we love!). Lisa it was delightful to meet you (ok I have only to date met you via email, but it has been a pleasure!)

Thanks for choosing Deep Grey to photograph your weddingSmile We are looking forward to giving you your beautiful wedding album soon (it’s so much more exciting than viewing proofs on the computer hehe).


Wedding Photography Brisbane 01Wedding Photography Brisbane 02Wedding Photography Brisbane 03Wedding Photography Brisbane 04Wedding Photography Brisbane 05Wedding Photography Brisbane 06Wedding Photography Brisbane 07Wedding Photography Brisbane 08Wedding Photography Brisbane 09Wedding Photography Brisbane 10Wedding Photography Brisbane 11Wedding Photography Brisbane 12Wedding Photography Brisbane 13Wedding Photography Brisbane 14Wedding Photography Brisbane 15Wedding Photography Brisbane 16Wedding Photography Brisbane 17Wedding Photography Brisbane 18Wedding Photography Brisbane 19Wedding Photography Brisbane 20Wedding Photography Brisbane 21Wedding Photography Brisbane 22Wedding Photography Brisbane 23Wedding-Photography-Brisbane-24Wedding Photography Brisbane 25Wedding Photography Brisbane 26Wedding Photography Brisbane 27Wedding Photography Brisbane 28Wedding Photography Brisbane 29Wedding Photography Brisbane 30Wedding Photography Brisbane 31Wedding Photography Brisbane 32Wedding Photography Brisbane 33Wedding Photography Brisbane 34Wedding Photography Brisbane 35Wedding Photography Brisbane 36Wedding Photography Brisbane 37Wedding Photography Brisbane 38Wedding Photography Brisbane 39Wedding Photography Brisbane 40Wedding Photography Brisbane 41Wedding Photography Brisbane 42Wedding Photography Brisbane 43Wedding Photography Brisbane 44Wedding Photography Brisbane 45Wedding Photography Brisbane 46Wedding Photography Brisbane 47

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Rob and Courtney

A true sign that I am well behind in our blogging! Rob and Courtney had their engagement photo shoot way back in March. (They have since had their wedding which I will endeavour to blog soon!) Rob and Courtney were only in town for a couple of days, so the only time we could find a time where we were both available was early one Friday morning. It was a bit brisk, but clear and beautiful! We had a great time trooping around the City streets having a laugh and taking some photosSmile Enjoy!

Wedding Photography Brisbane001Wedding Photography Brisbane002Wedding Photography Brisbane003Wedding Photography Brisbane004Wedding Photography Brisbane005Wedding Photography Brisbane006Wedding Photography Brisbane007Wedding Photography Brisbane008Wedding Photography Brisbane009Wedding Photography Brisbane010Wedding Photography Brisbane011

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Sam and Bliss

We are very behind on wedding blogging! Sam and Bliss were married last year in Brisbane. Their wedding day was just gorgeous and it was an honour to take their photographs for them. I love how blissfully happy they are together!

After their ceremony at Kingdom Hall, we headed off to the Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens for a relaxed photoshoot. After that, it was off to their reception at Walkabout Creek in The Gap.

Wedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography BrisbaneWedding Photography Brisbane

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