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Poutapu Whanau

This spunky whanau came to us wanting to capture some family portraits, and to also to have a gender reveal portrait taken- for those wondering what on earth a “gender reveal portrait” is, it’s basically a fun way to let your friends and family know the sex of your bub without just coming out and telling them straight up! So this time, it meant a photo of the family with a cute little bunch of balloons in a colour representative of bubs gender. Cute!

 Family Photos Brisbane-02 Family Photos Brisbane-03 Family Photos Brisbane-01 Family Photos Brisbane-07

Doesn’t this mama just rock being pregnant?! She looks amaaaazing!

 Family Photos Brisbane-08 Family Photos Brisbane-09 Family Photos Brisbane-10 Family Photos Brisbane-11

I love this picture so much. I love how it looks like the balloons are hugging in to the family squeeze. So adorable!  Family Photos Brisbane-12

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The Best of Brisbane Luxury Christmas Giveaway!

We hope you have all had an beautiful Christmas/New years relaxing with your families. We had a wild lead up to Christmas, so have enjoyed kicking back over the last week or so for some chilled out family time!

We would like to take a moment out to thank all of our clients/readers for their support in 2013- we are looking forward to celebrating our 10th year as Deep Grey in 2014! It has been a fantastic journey so far, and we are looking forward to the next 10 years, continuing to create amazing photographs for the walls of your homes, along with albums and keepsakes for you to treasure.

If we haven’t photographed your family yet, our amazing “Best of Brisbane Luxury Christmas Giveaway” could be just the thing you need to get your butt into gear! Entries close on the 7th of January, and the winner will be announced on 14th January, 2014. So pop over to www.deepgrey.com.au/win to enter:) We will be doing some spot runner up prizes too so if you think you wont “win” don’t despair- there may still be something in it for you:)

The incredible prize pool is valued at $4265 and includes:

*Professional photography of your family + the rockin’ “Ella” canvas collection for your walls valued at $1840(courtesy of Deep Grey of course;)

*Xennox Diamonds $500 Gift Certificate

*Queensland Reds 2x tickets for The Mount Franklin Glasshouse Inner Sanctum experience valued at $392

*Elite Holiday Homes $300 Gift Certificate

*Spring Food and Wine $150 Gift Certificate

*Curio Project designer Butterfly Dome valued at $420 and Butterfly Necklace valued at $190

*Teneriffe Bathhouse and Day Spa 60 min Wellbeing Massage plus single visit of the Bathhouse valued at $120

*Blossom Beauty Studios Sole Delight Spa Pedicure valued at $95

*Mayfield Chocolates 32 piece chocolate box valued at $55

*Palace Cinemas 2x adult movie tickets valued at $35

*The Foundation professional make up for your Deep Grey portrait session valued at $150

Aghh. I’m still trying to figure out how I can enter myself;) All of the gifts are perfect for relaxing after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season- I am certainly craving some amazing spa treatments;)

Hopefully you will be received a phone call from us in a week or so!

Good Luck!

This is what the beautiful “Ella” wall gallery collection we will be giving away looks like- 2x 16×20” canvas’ with a 20×30” canvas in between them. It is one of our most popular wall galleries (and it is easy to see why!).


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Keryn’s boys certainly kept Adam on his toes! We love that their cheeky personalities that shine through in the photos. The boys loved the experience and had a ball, which is what our family photography is all about- creating time together as a family, having fun, and capturing your families dynamics and the silly things you love about each other at this moment in time. It truly is an honour to be able to preserve these beautiful memories for our clients.

Thank you Keryn for allowing us to photograph this time in your family’s life. We hope each time you look at your photos a massive grin will spread across your face:)

Gold Coast Family Photography 001 Gold Coast Family Photography 002 Gold Coast Family Photography 003 Gold Coast Family Photography 015Gold Coast Family Photography 004 Gold Coast Family Photography 005 Gold Coast Family Photography 006 Gold Coast Family Photography 007 Gold Coast Family Photography 008 Gold Coast Family Photography 009 Gold Coast Family Photography 010 Gold Coast Family Photography 011 Gold Coast Family Photography 012 Gold Coast Family Photography 013 Gold Coast Family Photography 014  Gold Coast Family Photography 016 Gold Coast Family Photography 017 Gold Coast Family Photography 018 Gold Coast Family Photography 019

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Skater boy:)

I loved photographing this family. The little dude was so full of life and loved every minute of the shoot (…as you will see!)

One of the things I enjoy most about photographing families, is that we not only get to create some amazing imagery for our clients walls, but also help them to create fun memories together. Gone are the days of boring staged photos! We love creating family photos bursting at the seams with each family members personality and love shining through.

Having your family photos taken is a really great excuse to dress up and enjoy one another’s company playing, laughing and hugging. So if you are worried about having your family’s photo taken… don’t be! You will love the experience as much as you will love your photos:)


Family-Photos-Brisbane-001 Family-Photos-Brisbane-002 Family-Photos-Brisbane-003 Family-Photos-Brisbane-004Family-Photos-Brisbane-005 Family-Photos-Brisbane-006Family-Photos-Brisbane-007 Family-Photos-Brisbane-008 Family-Photos-Brisbane-009 Family-Photos-Brisbane-010 Family-Photos-Brisbane-011 Family-Photos-Brisbane-012 Family-Photos-Brisbane-013 Family-Photos-Brisbane-014 Family-Photos-Brisbane-015Family-Photos-Brisbane-016 Family-Photos-Brisbane-017 Family-Photos-Brisbane-018 Family-Photos-Brisbane-019 Family-Photos-Brisbane-020 Family-Photos-Brisbane-021 Family-Photos-Brisbane-022 Family-Photos-Brisbane-023 Family-Photos-Brisbane-024
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Our family

Late last year we had a bit of a near tragedy happen within our family. Our 3yr old took a bit of a dive out of a second story window and fell 3.6mtrs (head first) onto a concrete landing. It was scary and it was horrible, but God blessed our boy and although he was bruised badly (and a bit shaken up), he was OK.

It was a bit of a reality check. Needless to say, the weeks following the accident, there was ALOT of family time, lots of cuddles and lots of prayers of thanks giving. Beautiful friends and family showered us with love and we just felt so blessed that we still had our little boy with us.

A couple of weeks later, we had a client shoot postpone on the most glorious afternoon ever! We decided to take the opportunity to go and play with our boys. Master 3 reminded us of our promise to take some photos of him flying… I reminded him that his face was still a bit bruised, and asked if he wanted to wait until his bruise had gone away. (He had been quite self conscious of it). He smiled and said “No, cause I can show people the photos and say “That’s my bruise!”” Haha such a boy!

We love building fun things out of cardboard together to play with (can’t beat a cardboard box for entertainment right?!). Our little guy has been right into “biplanes” for a while, so we decided to get crafty and make one together. He was so over-the-moon with our creation, and so very chuffed with his painting and sticking efforts, and said we needed to take a photo of him “flying in his plane”.

So our impromptu photoshoot turned out so fun! We pretty much role-played the whole time, which I think comes across in our little guys expressions. Bub is kinda just like “what are we doing?” Which we found very funny and we enjoyed coming up with captions for the photos to tell a story when we viewed them at home. For days after the shoot, master 3 was telling everyone he came in contact with that he flew his plane, all by himself (he was surprised and extremely excited when he saw the photos, and we could see his brain ticking over as he tried to make sense of the “flying” photos:)


family photos brisbane 00family photos brisbane 18

Hmmmm we just can’t seem to get this thing started…

family photos brisbane 01family photos brisbane 02family photos brisbane 03family photos brisbane 04family photos brisbane 05family photos brisbane 15family photos brisbane 06family photos brisbane 08family photos brisbane 09family photos brisbane 10family photos brisbane 11family photos brisbane 12family photos brisbane 13

So we were not quite dressed for a family photo… but I thought I would share anyway;) I love the expression on bubs face- I’m pretty sure he thinks we are all mad!

family photos brisbane 16family photos brisbane 17family photos brisbane 14

I might as well add a couple of “behind the scenes” photos too:) Oh how we love these boys!


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