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Jared and Jenna + 1

A few years ago we photographed Jared and Jenna’s wedding. They are such an awesome couple who we are proud to call our friends. It was lovely to be able to catch up again to photograph their gorgeous new edition to the familySmile He is so so gorgeous!

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Generational Portraits

Laurell decided she would love to have some portraits taken with her children and her grandchildren. Having their extended family portraits taken was a great opportunity to get the family together for some play time, and also to create some beautiful memories to display in their homes.

It was a pleasure meeting you all and we are looking forward to catching up again in the futureSmile

Family Photography Beenleigh001Family Photography Beenleigh002Family Photography Beenleigh003Family Photography Beenleigh004Family Photography Beenleigh005Family Photography Beenleigh006Family Photography Beenleigh007Family Photography Beenleigh008Family Photography Beenleigh009Family Photography Beenleigh010Family Photography Beenleigh011Family Photography Beenleigh012Family Photography Beenleigh013Family Photography Beenleigh014Family Photography Beenleigh015Family Photography Beenleigh017Family Photography Beenleigh016Family Photography Beenleigh018Family Photography Beenleigh019Family Photography Beenleigh021Family Photography Beenleigh020Family Photography Beenleigh022Family Photography Beenleigh023Family Photography Beenleigh024

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Dave and Kate + 2

Dave and Kate were married a few years back, we photographed their wedding, and were thrilled to be able to photograph them again with their new (and not so new) additions to the familySmile 

Dave’s parents are cane farmers up north- so the cane fields nearby seemed like the perfect location to photograph their family, lots of space for Ruby to run free (as you will notice in the pictures she doesn’t stay still for long) and a beautiful setting for a family portrait. Ruby you have a hard hard head! Haha- lucky our cameras are well built!

Kate (and Dave too I suppose;) it was so great to catch up again! Thank you again for your beautiful Christmas “card” and the chance to photograph your growing family x

Family Photography Brisbane  01Family Photography Brisbane  02Family Photography Brisbane  03Family Photography Brisbane  04Family Photography Brisbane  05Family Photography Brisbane  06Family Photography Brisbane  07Family Photography Brisbane  08Family Photography Brisbane  09Family Photography Brisbane  10Family Photography Brisbane  11Family Photography Brisbane  12Family Photography Brisbane  13Family Photography Brisbane  14Family Photography Brisbane  15Family Photography Brisbane  16Family Photography Brisbane  17Family Photography Brisbane  18Family Photography Brisbane  19Family Photography Brisbane  20Family Photography Brisbane  21Family Photography Brisbane  22Family Photography Brisbane  23Family Photography Brisbane  25Family Photography Brisbane  26Family Photography Brisbane  24

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Matt and Bridie + 1

Last year Adam photographed Matt and Bridies wedding, so it was a real privilege when they contacted us recently wanting us to meet their gorgeous new edition, and photograph their little family.

Isn’t their bub just the cutest thing out?! Matt and Bridie it was great seeing you again, and we will look forward to seeing you again in the futureSmile!

Now for some cuteness:

Family Photography Mt Tamborine  001Family Photography Mt Tamborine  002Family Photography Mt Tamborine  003Family Photography Mt Tamborine  004Family Photography Mt Tamborine  005Family Photography Mt Tamborine  006Family Photography Mt Tamborine  007Family Photography Mt Tamborine  008Family Photography Mt Tamborine  009Family Photography Mt Tamborine  010Family Photography Mt Tamborine  011Family Photography Mt Tamborine  012Family Photography Mt Tamborine  013Family Photography Mt Tamborine  014Family Photography Mt Tamborine  015Family Photography Mt Tamborine  017Family Photography Mt Tamborine  018Family Photography Mt Tamborine  019Family Photography Mt Tamborine  020Family Photography Mt Tamborine  021Family Photography Mt Tamborine  022 All warm and ready to go home!Family Photography Mt Tamborine  023

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Life can get busy…

Over the last couple of months, life has been a little busy! A couple of weeks back we decided to turn off our computers and play… all. day. Wooo!

We decided to get our nerd on after seeing The Lane’s “L’Amant” (the sweeping pans are to die for and we are now coveting a helicam!) and went and bought a remote controlled helicopter so we can get our flying moves down. (Wheee so fun!)… Once the Chopper had crashed and burned, Adam took some photos of me and our ladSmile I love them!

I love this amazing country we live in, with it’s beautiful sunshiny winters and open space, and more than that, I love my family- My husband that provides for us by doing what he loves, and our gorgeous little guy who is the smiliest kid out, who melts our hearts and makes us laugh every time he says “Ere’ you go!” So cute!

Adam is off to New Zealand again to photograph a wedding later in the year, then Melbourne, fingers crossed for Tazzy, an engagement shoot in Sydney, and lot’s of beautiful Queensland and northern New South Wales weddings, from Byron, to Murwillumbah, to Tamborine, and of course our gorgeous BrisbaneSmile  We can’t wait! x

(PS I promise to catch up on a bit of blogging over the next couple of days too!)


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