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Rob and Courtney

Rob and Courtney were married at the amazing Glengariff Historical Estate a few months back. Their wedding was so beautiful, beautiful people, beautiful venue, perfect weather and a loving vibe. It doesn’t get much betterSmile


Glengariff Wedding Photography03Glengariff Wedding Photography04Glengariff Wedding Photography01Glengariff Wedding Photography02Glengariff Wedding Photography05Glengariff Wedding Photography06Glengariff Wedding Photography07Glengariff Wedding Photography08Glengariff Wedding Photography09Glengariff Wedding Photography10Glengariff Wedding Photography11Glengariff Wedding Photography12Glengariff Wedding Photography13Glengariff Wedding Photography15Glengariff Wedding Photography14Glengariff Wedding Photography16Glengariff Wedding Photography17Glengariff Wedding Photography18Glengariff Wedding Photography19Glengariff Wedding Photography20Glengariff Wedding Photography21Glengariff Wedding Photography22Glengariff Wedding Photography23Glengariff Wedding Photography24Glengariff Wedding Photography25Glengariff Wedding Photography26Glengariff Wedding Photography27Glengariff Wedding Photography28Glengariff Wedding Photography29Glengariff Wedding Photography30Glengariff Wedding Photography31Glengariff Wedding Photography32Glengariff Wedding Photography34Glengariff Wedding Photography33Glengariff Wedding Photography35Glengariff Wedding Photography36Glengariff Wedding Photography37Glengariff Wedding Photography39Glengariff Wedding Photography43Glengariff Wedding Photography44Glengariff Wedding Photography38Glengariff Wedding Photography40Glengariff Wedding Photography42Glengariff Wedding Photography46Glengariff Wedding Photography47Glengariff Wedding Photography48Glengariff Wedding Photography49Glengariff Wedding Photography52Glengariff Wedding Photography53Glengariff Wedding Photography54Glengariff Wedding Photography55Glengariff Wedding Photography50Glengariff Wedding Photography51Glengariff Wedding Photography56Glengariff Wedding Photography57Glengariff Wedding Photography58Glengariff Wedding Photography59Glengariff Wedding Photography61Glengariff Wedding Photography60Glengariff Wedding Photography62Glengariff Wedding Photography63Glengariff Wedding Photography64Glengariff Wedding Photography68Glengariff Wedding Photography65Glengariff Wedding Photography66Glengariff Wedding Photography67

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Kieran and Amy

Kieran and Amy got married way back in 2010- yes, last year! Last year was massive for us, and keeping up with orders etc, we got a little behind on the old blog! We have now employed a lovely lady to help out with things we cannot quite get to – one of those things being picking images for all of our un-blogged weddings! Yay! So there should be a huge influx of wedding posts happening very soon. Up at number one, is Kieran and AmySmile

Kieran and Amy were married in the beautiful Brisbane City Botanical Gardens. Funnily enough Amy has a massive phobia of birds- hence the little signs all around the ceremony- (the photo with the duck makes me laugh every time I see it!). The ceremony was preformed by Fiona from Marry-Me.

They then headed off to the Brisbane Powerhouse for their reception. The emotion at their wedding was rather electric, I love how these two interact with one another.. They are so tender towards each other, which really came through in their wedding photosSmile


Wedding Photography Brisbane 001Wedding Photography Brisbane 002Wedding Photography Brisbane 003Wedding Photography Brisbane 004Wedding Photography Brisbane 005Wedding Photography Brisbane 006Wedding Photography Brisbane 007Wedding Photography Brisbane 010Wedding Photography Brisbane 008Wedding Photography Brisbane 009Wedding Photography Brisbane 011Wedding Photography Brisbane 012Wedding Photography Brisbane 013Wedding Photography Brisbane 014Wedding Photography Brisbane 015Wedding Photography Brisbane 016Wedding Photography Brisbane 017Wedding Photography Brisbane 018Wedding Photography Brisbane 019Wedding Photography Brisbane 020Wedding Photography Brisbane 021Wedding Photography Brisbane 022Wedding Photography Brisbane 023Wedding Photography Brisbane 024Wedding Photography Brisbane 025Wedding Photography Brisbane 026Wedding Photography Brisbane 027Wedding Photography Brisbane 028Wedding Photography Brisbane 029Wedding Photography Brisbane 030Wedding Photography Brisbane 031Wedding Photography Brisbane 032Wedding Photography Brisbane 033Wedding Photography Brisbane 034Wedding Photography Brisbane 035Wedding Photography Brisbane 036Wedding Photography Brisbane 037Wedding Photography Brisbane 038Wedding Photography Brisbane 039Wedding Photography Brisbane 040

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Andy and Alice

Alice found us through a friend whose wedding we photographed way back 2007! Alice wanted a nice relaxed wedding, with no fuss. So she and and her girlfriends did their own hair and makeup, and casually got ready at Cedar Creek Lodges on Mt Tamborine, before heading a few minutes up the road to Albert River Wines for the wedding ceremony.

Albert River Wines is one of our favourite venues. There is such a great atmosphere there. Nothing busy or rushed, gorgeous animals running about, room to take a stroll, and in October when the Jacaranda trees come out it is unreal.

Andy and Alice, thanks for inviting us to photograph your wedding. It seemed as though your guest were having a ball, and we are glad we could capture these images so you can relive your wedding each time you look through your photos:)

Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine001Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine002Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine003Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine004Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine005Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine006Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine007Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine009Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine010Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine013

I love the excitement in Alice’s face in this image!

Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine014

Then to turn around and seeing her dad, sister, bestie and even the Priest looking just as excited almost topped it:D

Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine015Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine016Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine017Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine018Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine019Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine020Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine021Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine022Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine023Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine024Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine025Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine026Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine027Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine028Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine029Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine030Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine031Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine032Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine033Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine034Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine036Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine037Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine038Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine039Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine040Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine041Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine042Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine043Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine044Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine045Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine046

Something I’ve noticed at a few weddings lately, is the bride and groom dancing as soon as they walk into the reception. A little break in tradition, and a fantastic way to kick off the party!

Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine047Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine048Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine049Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine052Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine053Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine054Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine055Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine056Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine057Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine058Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine059Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine060Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine061Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine062Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine063Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine064

And last but not least, look at the amazing view of Mt Tamborine from Albert River Wines! So phenomenal.

Wedding Photography Mt Tamborine065

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