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The cutest bunny you ever did see!

It was a beautiful afternoon up in the Mt Tamborine gardens, and this sweet little lady was relishing being photographed… or more being the centre of attention, playing peek-a-boo and being the recipient of lots of kisses and cuddles from mummy and grandpa:)

We still can’t get over the cuteness that bunny hat haha! So so so adorable!

Family Photos Mt Tamborine001 Family Photos Mt Tamborine002 Family Photos Mt Tamborine003 Family Photos Mt Tamborine006Family Photos Mt Tamborine004 Family Photos Mt Tamborine005  Family Photos Mt Tamborine007 Family Photos Mt Tamborine008 Family Photos Mt Tamborine009 Family Photos Mt Tamborine010 Family Photos Mt Tamborine011 Family Photos Mt Tamborine012 Family Photos Mt Tamborine013 Family Photos Mt Tamborine014 Family Photos Mt Tamborine015 Family Photos Mt Tamborine016 Family Photos Mt Tamborine017 Family Photos Mt Tamborine018 Family Photos Mt Tamborine019 Family Photos Mt Tamborine020 Family Photos Mt Tamborine021 Family Photos Mt Tamborine022

2 Responses to The cutest bunny you ever did see!

  1. K. Morgan said:

    Cuteness spotted on! Wonderful shots!

  2. Sara said:

    Naawwww – she’s gorgeous!! Beautiful images.

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It is afternoons like this, that I am completely convinced that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Queensland, I love you! (And I love this family too!)

MM-009 MM-053MM-015 MM-023

(NB: just in case that proclamation of love sounded creepy- this is my favouritest oldest sister and her sweet family;))

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Autumn Portraits

Autumn is one of our absolute favourite seasons as portrait photographers! There is something magical about the crisp afternoon air, the way the sun shines so warm and soft, and the beautiful colours that present themselves in nature.

Amy had a clear vision of what she would like in her family portraits. We had planned on heading down the coast to a generous clients home to shoot in her beautiful orchard as the colours turned for the season. Unfortunately, the weather was wild down south, so we decided to head up to Mt Tamborine instead and crossed our fingers and toes that the storm wouldn’t hit the Gold Coast hinterland before we could capture their portraits! I don’t think the session could have worked out more perfectly with beautiful colours Amy had dressed her family in!

(If you want tips on how to dress amazingly for your portraits- take note- these guys nailed it without a hint of matchy matchy in sight! Visual perfection;)

Amy we loved photographing your family again- it was pleasure as always!

(Amy’s lovely hair and Make-Up was by the talented Nichole at E-Scape Massage & Beauty

Family Photos Mt Tamborine 001 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 002 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 003 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 004 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 005 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 006 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 007 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 008 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 009 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 010 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 011 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 012 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 013 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 014 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 015 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 016 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 017 Family Photos Mt Tamborine 018

One Response to Autumn Portraits

  1. Tala said:

    I just wana know if this is in Australia?

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Giveaway announced tomorrow!

As you might remember,”The Best of Brisbane – Luxury Christmas Giveaway” winner will be announced tomorrow! Wheeee!

So if you have entered, keep your phones by your sides, as the photo call we will be making might just be for you:D

The last major giveaway we had was for Mothers Day last year. So I thought in anticipation of the big announcement tomorrow, I would share some from the winning family lovely portraits. (That dinosaur shot kills me!)


1 14 WP-005 WP-006 WP-013 WP-026 WP-030 WP-032 WP-042 WP-044 WP-048 WP-0050 WP-051 WP-052 WP-062 WP-063 WP-070 WP-097WP-056

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Keryn’s boys certainly kept Adam on his toes! We love that their cheeky personalities that shine through in the photos. The boys loved the experience and had a ball, which is what our family photography is all about- creating time together as a family, having fun, and capturing your families dynamics and the silly things you love about each other at this moment in time. It truly is an honour to be able to preserve these beautiful memories for our clients.

Thank you Keryn for allowing us to photograph this time in your family’s life. We hope each time you look at your photos a massive grin will spread across your face:)

Gold Coast Family Photography 001 Gold Coast Family Photography 002 Gold Coast Family Photography 003 Gold Coast Family Photography 015Gold Coast Family Photography 004 Gold Coast Family Photography 005 Gold Coast Family Photography 006 Gold Coast Family Photography 007 Gold Coast Family Photography 008 Gold Coast Family Photography 009 Gold Coast Family Photography 010 Gold Coast Family Photography 011 Gold Coast Family Photography 012 Gold Coast Family Photography 013 Gold Coast Family Photography 014  Gold Coast Family Photography 016 Gold Coast Family Photography 017 Gold Coast Family Photography 018 Gold Coast Family Photography 019

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