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Poutapu Whanau

This spunky whanau came to us wanting to capture some family portraits, and to also to have a gender reveal portrait taken- for those wondering what on earth a “gender reveal portrait” is, it’s basically a fun way to let your friends and family know the sex of your bub without just coming out and telling them straight up! So this time, it meant a photo of the family with a cute little bunch of balloons in a colour representative of bubs gender. Cute!

 Family Photos Brisbane-02 Family Photos Brisbane-03 Family Photos Brisbane-01 Family Photos Brisbane-07

Doesn’t this mama just rock being pregnant?! She looks amaaaazing!

 Family Photos Brisbane-08 Family Photos Brisbane-09 Family Photos Brisbane-10 Family Photos Brisbane-11

I love this picture so much. I love how it looks like the balloons are hugging in to the family squeeze. So adorable!  Family Photos Brisbane-12

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We loved photographing the gorgeous Romero Family. Mum and Dad are just the cutest!!! ♥

We can’t wait for them to see their beautiful canvases and box collection in print on Monday!

 Family photos gold coast 01 Family photos gold coast 02 Family photos gold coast 03 Family photos gold coast 05 Family photos gold coast 04 Family photos gold coast 06 Family photos gold coast 07 Family photos gold coast 08 Family photos gold coast 09 Family photos gold coast 10 Family photos gold coast 11

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Beach babes

There is something a bit special about family portraits at the beach! The Gold Coast coastline is stunning and the kids can run wild and free and splash their feet in the ocean.

A few years ago while in Fiji photographing a wedding, one of the hotel hosts was raving about how amazing their beach was at   the hotel and how they were some of the best in the world… Adam and I looked at each other and thought, “they are ok….”. Chatting about it later we realised just how spoilt we are living in South East Queensland. Our beaches are incredible! We are so lucky to be able to photograph families in such beautiful surrounds. (Don’t get us wrong, venturing out of the resort to the un-commercialised Fijian beaches was ridiculously WOW! haha).

We ♥ the Spit, and we are glad this family had such a lovely time together having their family photos takenSmile

 family photography gold coast 00 family photography gold coast 01 family photography gold coast 03 family photography gold coast 02 family photography gold coast 04 family photography gold coast 05 family photography gold coast 06 family photography gold coast 07 family photography gold coast 08 family photography gold coast 09 family photography gold coast 10 family photography gold coast 11 family photography gold coast 12 family photography gold coast 13 family photography gold coast 14 family photography gold coast 15 family photography gold coast 16 family photography gold coast 17

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Casual beach portraits

We love the chilled out nature of our portrait shoots, and how they allow our clients to feel comfortable and be themselves.

We love that these guys bought this quirky portrait for their wall 🙂


This stunning portrait of the girls also now takes pride of place in their home, along with their gorgeous casual family portrait, laughing together with their feet in the ocean.

MR-039 MR-055

(I love these others too!)


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The lovely Ann & co.

Ann and her family were delightful to photograph! We loved the fun, enthusiasm and delight they found in each other. They had a great afternoon together enjoying each others company and it was beautiful to see how they interacted with one another.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity of meeting and photographing your beautiful family Ann, it was a pleasure to meet you all, and we are so glad that you love your portraits!

Gold Coast Family Photos -001 Gold Coast Family Photos -002 Gold Coast Family Photos -003 Gold Coast Family Photos -004 Gold Coast Family Photos -005 Gold Coast Family Photos -006 Gold Coast Family Photos -007 Gold Coast Family Photos -008 Gold Coast Family Photos -009 Gold Coast Family Photos -010 Gold Coast Family Photos -011 Gold Coast Family Photos -012 Gold Coast Family Photos -013 Gold Coast Family Photos -014 Gold Coast Family Photos -015 Gold Coast Family Photos -016

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