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Angus and Simone

This beautiful couple asked us to capture some special engagement portraits for them, and we are so glad they did!  It was such a magical afternoon on the sunshine coast, finding light in the forest and then watching the sunset on a grassy hill in Maleny. What engagement photo dreams are made of!























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Gerard + Katie | Engaged

We loved Gerard and Katies engagement shoot and Wedding! I’m itching to post some photos from their wedding on our blog- but thought I had better show off their engagement photos tooSmile 

Even though we battled against overcast weather in the forest and an accident on the Bruce highway that clogged up the mountain roads (craaazy traffic jam!!!). We watched the sun come out and then set on the way up the hill, but we still managed to capture a little of the sky’s fading colour in amongst a couple of wedding parties on the famous One Tree Hill in Maleny haha:)

It was such a lovely afternoon and Gerard and Katie were such good sports, and amongst all the drama still had gorgeous smiles on their faces!

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Dave and Kate

So Dave and Kate you say? Yes, this is our third “Dave and Kate” couple we have photographed a wedding for- it seems the names are just made for each other. Somehow we didn’t notice until a few weeks ago, they also shared the same last name as one of our other favourite “Dave and Kate” couples which gave us a bit of a laugh!!!

So here we are, playing catch up again. Dave and Kate were married back in January, and we can’t wait to share some of their pretty pictures, but everything in order! First here are some of their beautiful engagement photos we took late last year on a warm summers afternoon on the Gold Coast. Dave’s gorgeous son stole the spotlight in a few photos too- what a cutie!

Fiona and Kate used to work together years ago at Photo Continental when Kate was still in high school, so it was so lovely to get the call to say she was getting married and wanted Deep Grey to photograph her wedding! Kate is such a sweetheart – it was an honour to photograph these two tie the knot!

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Brendan and Ashleigh

These two beautiful souls got married this morning, they are probably dancing right now, and getting ready to wrap up their reception and head out and have some bridal photographs takenOpen-mouthed smile! (We love that part!)

To celebrate their day of days, here are a few of their pretty engagement pictures!

I can’t wait for Adam to get home so I can check out some of their stunning wedding photos- and get stuck into designing their wedding album! Open-mouthed smile We may even be on the ball and post a sneak peek or two, so family and friends, keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page over the next few days!


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Daniel and Natasha

Daniel and Natasha were married in Christchurch New Zealand, then headed up to Queenstown for their honeymoon. Once we found out they were honeymooning in heaven, (aka Queenstown) Adam offered to make the short trip to Queenstown on his way back to Brisbane and do an engagement style shoot for them whilst they enjoyed their honeymoon. They happily agreed to the arrangement and plans were laid.

After scouting out some beautifully photographic locations, the three of them jumped in the car and headed off for an epic post-wedding “engagement shoot”.

Daniel and Natasha, thanks for letting Adam gate crash your honeymoon for a few hours! We can’t wait to meet your beautiful bubba next time we are in NZ:)

Queenstown Engagement Photography-001 Queenstown Engagement Photography-002 Queenstown Engagement Photography-003Queenstown Engagement Photography-005Queenstown Engagement Photography-006 Queenstown Engagement Photography-007Queenstown Engagement Photography-010Queenstown Engagement Photography-008Queenstown Engagement Photography-009Queenstown Engagement Photography-011 Queenstown Engagement Photography-012 Queenstown Engagement Photography-013 Queenstown Engagement Photography-014IMG_7074 Queenstown Engagement Photography-015 Queenstown Engagement Photography-016 Queenstown Engagement Photography-017 Queenstown Engagement Photography-018 Queenstown Engagement Photography-019 Queenstown Engagement Photography-020Queenstown Engagement Photography-021Queenstown Engagement Photography-022Queenstown Engagement Photography-004

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  1. The impression of real love was wonderfully expressed from these photos. The place is so beautiful and definitely fits the two sweet couple. Perfect shots!

  2. Brisbane Wedding Decorations said:

    Yes ! i liked your photo shoot location.
    all are perfect shots !
    Thanks for posting.

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