One of my (Fiona’s) long time besties Jasmin has been living in New Zealand for the past 10 years or so- we usually get to catch up once a year for never quite long enough… so we decided when Jasmin visited this week, we would take some fun portraits together. (Well, Jasmin and I decided and just told Adam of course- thankfully he was obliging- albeit a little begrudgingly haha)

We were terrible clients, totally awkward, running late and not organising a baby sitter – so Adam was playing Dad and photographer all at the same timeWinking smile (You are amazing Adam!)

Grateful for this girl in my life. Always constant, always wise, lives with faith and always has a long winded story and a laugh to share haha. The best kind of friend (as Anne of Green Gables would say) “a kindred spirit”! ♥ you to the moon and back Princess Jasmin!


Here are a couple of photos of the little critters behind the scenes that Daddy shot over his shoulder. Grateful they were only slightly mischief and fairly well behaved while mummy had her photos takenWinking smile Aren’t they adorable?!


And here is me and Jazzy when we were wee little 20yr olds – so stylish! Bless “Free Comic Book Day”. It was a really great day, we met a gorgeous little frenchman with a wonderful curly moustache and got a free comic book or two. Fabulous!


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