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Late last year we had a bit of a near tragedy happen within our family. Our 3yr old took a bit of a dive out of a second story window and fell 3.6mtrs (head first) onto a concrete landing. It was scary and it was horrible, but God blessed our boy and although he was bruised badly (and a bit shaken up), he was OK.

It was a bit of a reality check. Needless to say, the weeks following the accident, there was ALOT of family time, lots of cuddles and lots of prayers of thanks giving. Beautiful friends and family showered us with love and we just felt so blessed that we still had our little boy with us.

A couple of weeks later, we had a client shoot postpone on the most glorious afternoon ever! We decided to take the opportunity to go and play with our boys. Master 3 reminded us of our promise to take some photos of him flying… I reminded him that his face was still a bit bruised, and asked if he wanted to wait until his bruise had gone away. (He had been quite self conscious of it). He smiled and said “No, cause I can show people the photos and say “That’s my bruise!”” Haha such a boy!

We love building fun things out of cardboard together to play with (can’t beat a cardboard box for entertainment right?!). Our little guy has been right into “biplanes” for a while, so we decided to get crafty and make one together. He was so over-the-moon with our creation, and so very chuffed with his painting and sticking efforts, and said we needed to take a photo of him “flying in his plane”.

So our impromptu photoshoot turned out so fun! We pretty much role-played the whole time, which I think comes across in our little guys expressions. Bub is kinda just like “what are we doing?” Which we found very funny and we enjoyed coming up with captions for the photos to tell a story when we viewed them at home. For days after the shoot, master 3 was telling everyone he came in contact with that he flew his plane, all by himself (he was surprised and extremely excited when he saw the photos, and we could see his brain ticking over as he tried to make sense of the “flying” photos:)


family photos brisbane 00family photos brisbane 18

Hmmmm we just can’t seem to get this thing started…

family photos brisbane 01family photos brisbane 02family photos brisbane 03family photos brisbane 04family photos brisbane 05family photos brisbane 15family photos brisbane 06family photos brisbane 08family photos brisbane 09family photos brisbane 10family photos brisbane 11family photos brisbane 12family photos brisbane 13

So we were not quite dressed for a family photo… but I thought I would share anyway;) I love the expression on bubs face- I’m pretty sure he thinks we are all mad!

family photos brisbane 16family photos brisbane 17family photos brisbane 14

I might as well add a couple of “behind the scenes” photos too:) Oh how we love these boys!


8 Responses to Our family

  1. What precious memories. Gorgeous.

  2. Janine said:

    What an adorable family. I was so sorry to hear about the accident, and relieved to hear of the brave mans speedy recovery. Thank you for sharing your story with us. We can all use the reminder to treasure our loved ones and take more time (and photos) together.

  3. these are just magic. Love xx. How did you get them in the sky like that!!!!
    Silly clients for cancelling on a night like that! And good on you for taking the opportunity to make use of it.

    • Deep Grey said:

      Chelsea… it’s all pretty tricksy! We scratched out heads for a while trying to figure out how to do it yet still get the bottom of the plane in (as if we sat it on something, it would be hard to make it look “natural” in the post processing. In the end we decided to hold the box. It is two images joined together. One shot of the box being held from the front- and the other being held from the back:)

  4. Beautiful family!!! Lovely photos as always. x

  5. Catriona said:

    Precious! Love the touch of the aviators 😀

    • Deep Grey said:

      Haha Catriona, I actually didn’t know they were called “Aviators” until after the shoot when someone mentioned it… even Adam laughed at me. I just put him in those because we didn’t have any goggles;) Worked out for the best!

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