Luke and Chae

A few weeks before her wedding Chae called us hoping that we weren’t, but fully expecting us to be booked. Lucky for her, we had her wedding day free! Chae explained that she had organised a friend to photograph her wedding, and then stumbled across our website and decided she HAD to have us- and she did!

The wedding took place on Mt Tamborine at a family property and was absolutely amazing! Everything about the wedding was perfect, the venue, the dresses (wow), the fabulous gourmet pizzas, the flowers the party… we could go on:)

But, the best part of the day was the people. Luke and Chae were so gorgeous, and the whole day was so relaxed and carefree. There was an amazing family friendly spirit to the day, kids running around playing & swimming and everyone just enjoying one another’s company.

We loved giving them their photos and hearing them gush over them (Chae though it necessary to apologise for practically squealing with delight at every single photo- and we were only up to no. 20 or so!) Needless to say at the end of looking through them, she proclaimed she LOVED them all:) We love our jobs!

Congratulations guys, it was such pleasure to photograph your wedding.

(And thanks to the beautiful Naomi V for tagging along as second shooter at the last minute:)











3 Responses to Luke and Chae

  1. Naomi said:

    Thank you for allowing me to part of their very special (and moving at times) day! It was an honor. na xx

  2. Chae Surawski said:

    Fiona, Adam and Naomi
    Thank you so much for capturing our day through your amazingly creative eyes! People often say that your wedding day is just one day and you should take it all in as before you know it is all over. This is not the case for us as your wonderful photographs have allowed us to relive it over and over. You really know how to capture a moment! Your professionalism combined with your fun, fresh and sophisticated approach makes you guys a rare team of wedding photographers. Adam and Naomi just made us feel so comfortable. I am so glad that I found DeepGrey. Thank you for the many laughs you have literally made every moment of our wedding day magically unforgettable!

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