Jason and Claire

Jason and Claire were such a delight to photograph. Claire just has this incredible smile and bubbly personality that is just so contagious. She and Jason are just beautiful together and we loved photographing their wedding. We photographed Jason a few years back when he was a groomsman at the wedding of the stunning Alice & Andy. Claire saw the photos and was excited to book us to photograph their wedding too:) (We love being referred by our past couples- it’s the best compliment!)

The morning of the wedding was a little dark and drizzly, but just before the ceremony was about to start the sun came out and made way for the most stunning skys all day:) Jason and Claire were married in the beautiful Little White Wedding Church in Montville. It is such a gorgeous little church and the gardens are so sweet! After the ceremony we headed up the hill to Maleny for some stunning photos with the Glass House Mountains in the back ground at sunset:)

The reception then kicked off at Flaxton Gardens! They had a great time celebrating with their nearest and dearest!

Maleny Wedding Photography01 Maleny Wedding Photography02 Maleny Wedding Photography03 Maleny Wedding Photography04 Maleny Wedding Photography05 Maleny Wedding Photography06 Maleny Wedding Photography07 Maleny Wedding Photography08 Maleny Wedding Photography09 Maleny Wedding Photography10 Maleny Wedding Photography11 Maleny Wedding Photography12 Maleny Wedding Photography13 Maleny Wedding Photography14 Maleny Wedding Photography15 Maleny Wedding Photography16 Maleny Wedding Photography17 Maleny Wedding Photography18 Maleny Wedding Photography19 Maleny Wedding Photography20 Maleny Wedding Photography21 Maleny Wedding Photography22 Maleny Wedding Photography23 Maleny Wedding Photography24 Maleny Wedding Photography25 Maleny Wedding Photography26 Maleny Wedding Photography27 Maleny Wedding Photography28 Maleny Wedding Photography29 Maleny Wedding Photography30 Maleny Wedding Photography31 Maleny Wedding Photography32 Maleny Wedding Photography33 Maleny Wedding Photography34 Maleny Wedding Photography35 Maleny Wedding Photography36 Maleny Wedding Photography37 Maleny Wedding Photography38 Maleny Wedding Photography39 Maleny Wedding Photography40 Maleny Wedding Photography41 Maleny Wedding Photography42 Maleny Wedding Photography43 Maleny Wedding Photography44 Maleny Wedding Photography45 Maleny Wedding Photography46 Maleny Wedding Photography47 Maleny Wedding Photography48 Maleny Wedding Photography49Maleny Wedding Photography50 Maleny Wedding Photography51 Maleny Wedding Photography52 Maleny Wedding Photography53 Maleny Wedding Photography54 Maleny Wedding Photography55 Maleny Wedding Photography56 Maleny Wedding Photography57 Maleny Wedding Photography58 Maleny Wedding Photography59 Maleny Wedding Photography60 Maleny Wedding Photography61 Maleny Wedding Photography62 Maleny Wedding Photography63 Maleny Wedding Photography64 Maleny Wedding Photography65 Maleny Wedding Photography66 Maleny Wedding Photography67 Maleny Wedding Photography68 Maleny Wedding Photography70 Maleny Wedding Photography71 Maleny Wedding Photography72 Maleny Wedding Photography73 Maleny Wedding Photography74 Maleny Wedding Photography76 Maleny Wedding Photography77 Maleny Wedding Photography78 Maleny Wedding Photography79 Maleny Wedding Photography80 Maleny Wedding Photography81 Maleny Wedding Photography82 Maleny Wedding Photography83 Maleny Wedding Photography84 Maleny Wedding Photography85 Maleny Wedding Photography86 Maleny Wedding Photography87 Maleny Wedding Photography88

And just because I couldn’t resist! Here are a couple of snaps of their beautiful wedding album!
Brisbane Wedding Albums02Brisbane Wedding Albums01 Brisbane Wedding Albums03 Brisbane Wedding Albums04 Brisbane Wedding Albums05 Brisbane Wedding Albums07 Brisbane Wedding Albums08

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Book Week

A few weeks ago when cleaning up we found some unused air-conditioning tubes, and naturally started using it for all sorts of things, a telescope, an elephants trunk etc…it then dawned on us that book week was fast approaching, so started thinking up some wild ideas with our oldest son for his book week parade costume.

We love “I wish that I had duck feet”, so I tried to convince him to go as the “Which What Who”, but he wasn’t having a bar of it! (Way too uncool for a 6 year old… apparently!!!) No, he wanted to be a robot. I tried to protest, but his mind was set. I tried to argue that we didn’t even have any books with robots in them- to which he went and fished out some obscure book he had borrowed from the library, which just happened to have a random robot in the background on one of the pages haha. So a robot it was!

We headed to Bunnings for some silver spray paint and an old box, fished out a toy police helmet from the bottom of the toy box, and Adam hit them with the spray paint. We then decided it would be a great idea to spray paint his old gumboots- which I do not recommend!!! (It’s didn’t set, so had to be washed off- we ended up painting them with silver acrylic paint, which was not ideal (cracking) but managed to live long enough to have his photo taken:) (After a bit of internet research the only paint that sticks to gumboots is Posca paint pens!)

So the costume was ready to go, book week had arrived annnnnnd, he was sick. Too sick to go to school, so we missed our favourite event of the year:(  A few days later when he was feeling better, we decided to go and take some cool photos so he could still show his classmates his costume:) Below are his selection of favourites (with exception of the smiling shot- which I snuck in- he wasn’t too fussed on that one;))


IMG_2737 IMG_2766IMG_2749IMG_2828 IMG_2860 IMG_2866

This is the Which What Who, for those who haven’t read “I wish that I had duck feet”!


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Arjun and Meera, day 2

A while back we shared with you Arjun and Meeras incredible wedding day! It was a full on day, filled with colour, fun, culture and a whole lot of love! The celebrations spread out over two days. So today we are featuring the second day- the reception, where they partied Indian style!

To kick off the day, we caught up with Arjun and Meera at the Surfers Paradise Marriot on the Gold Coast and took a few photos as they got ready for their reception. We quickly ducked out for a super speedy formal wedding photo shoot at Pizzey Park on the Gold Coast. After some quick portraits, we headed back to the Marriot, for their opulent reception. The set up looked incredible!

Just like the day before we just loved the whole vibe of these amazing families. The love Arjun and Meera have for their families, friends and each other was so apparent in every photo. We love how much fun these guys have together and the joy written all over their faces:) So happy we could be there to capture it all for them both!


Gold Coast Indian Wedding 06AM2-018Gold Coast Indian Wedding 07Gold Coast Indian Wedding 01 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 02AM2-011Gold Coast Indian Wedding 04 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 05Gold Coast Indian Wedding 08Gold Coast Indian Wedding 09Gold Coast Indian Wedding 10 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 11 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 12 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 13 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 14 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 15 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 16 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 17 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 18 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 19 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 20 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 21 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 22 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 23 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 24 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 25 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 26 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 27 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 28 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 29 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 30 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 31 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 32 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 33 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 34 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 35 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 36 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 37 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 38 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 39 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 40 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 41 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 42 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 43 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 44 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 45 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 46 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 47 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 48 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 49 Gold Coast Indian Wedding 50

After the wedding we had the honour of putting together the most stunning wedding albums for Arjun and Meera. We worked with them to personalise their albums to reflect the glamour of their Indian cultures. We mocked up a design sneakily pulling a motif from their wedding stationary and designed it onto the cover of their album in a beautiful gold leaf! I’m pretty sure they were wowed- well they said yes anyway- and with permission from their wedding stationary designer Little Moo Creative, our wonderful Brisbane based album craftsman had the embossing plate made up, and created for us the most perfect golden foiled wedding albums! We love being able to dream up pretty albums for our gorgeous clients, and have translated perfectly into stunning wedding heirlooms.

The way it sparkles when the light hits the golden foil is a wee bit thrilling! – I’m pretty sure releases endorphins! It seriously made Fiona squeal when she saw it the first time haha. We love our job! And being able to hand something like this over to our couples translates into some crazy work satisfaction!

70nm98o0 IMG_6258IMG_6467IMG_6273 IMG_6269

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Casual beach portraits

We love the chilled out nature of our portrait shoots, and how they allow our clients to feel comfortable and be themselves.

We love that these guys bought this quirky portrait for their wall :)


This stunning portrait of the girls also now takes pride of place in their home, along with their gorgeous casual family portrait, laughing together with their feet in the ocean.

MR-039 MR-055

(I love these others too!)


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Arjun and Meera

We have been looking forward to sharing Meera and Arjun’s incredible Brisbane Hindu wedding- we had a crazy fun time photographing their two day wedding extravaganza. We loved the colour, the culture and the beaming smiles at every turn.

Arjun and Meera, you host a mean party!

Thanks to Tanya for coming along to help out over the two days:)

Indian Wedding Brisbane11Indian Wedding Brisbane01 Indian Wedding Brisbane02 Indian Wedding Brisbane03 Indian Wedding Brisbane05
Indian Wedding Brisbane04Indian Wedding Brisbane07Indian Wedding Brisbane06 Indian Wedding Brisbane08 Indian Wedding Brisbane09 Indian Wedding Brisbane10Indian Wedding Brisbane12 Indian Wedding Brisbane13 Indian Wedding Brisbane14 Indian Wedding Brisbane15 Indian Wedding Brisbane16 Indian Wedding Brisbane17 Indian Wedding Brisbane18 Indian Wedding Brisbane19 Indian Wedding Brisbane20 Indian Wedding Brisbane21 Indian Wedding Brisbane22 Indian Wedding Brisbane23 Indian Wedding Brisbane24

When Arjun and Meera told us they were having a Barat parade we were crazy excited. It’s pretty much a fancy street party! Arjun arrived by horse and carriage, and was greeted Bollywood style by his family and friends, who then accompanied him in a street parade, complete with drums and dancing to the door of the Temple.
Indian Wedding Brisbane25 Indian Wedding Brisbane27Indian Wedding Brisbane26Indian Wedding Brisbane28 Indian Wedding Brisbane29 Indian Wedding Brisbane30 Indian Wedding Brisbane31 Indian Wedding Brisbane32 Indian Wedding Brisbane33 Indian Wedding Brisbane34 Indian Wedding Brisbane35 Indian Wedding Brisbane36 Indian Wedding Brisbane37 Indian Wedding Brisbane38

The wedding ceremony was full of traditions and customs that were so beautiful to photograph. Arjun and Meera decided to combine elements from both Gujarati Hindu and Punjabi Hindu wedding traditions, to reflect both of their heritages.
Indian Wedding Brisbane39 Indian Wedding Brisbane40 Indian Wedding Brisbane41 Indian Wedding Brisbane42 Indian Wedding Brisbane43 Indian Wedding Brisbane44 Indian Wedding Brisbane45 Indian Wedding Brisbane46

We are in love with these guys smiles- the best!
Indian Wedding Brisbane47 Indian Wedding Brisbane48 Indian Wedding Brisbane49Indian Wedding Brisbane50 Indian Wedding Brisbane51 Indian Wedding Brisbane52 Indian Wedding Brisbane53

As part of the wedding ceremony, Arjun lead Meera in Saptapadi, the first 7 steps they take in their journey of life together and each step signifying their vows to one another:

1. Together we will nourish, honour and respect each other

2. Together we will cherish each other in sickness and in health, in sorrow and happiness, and through life’s trials and triumphs

3. Together we work hard and achieve success by righteous means and diligence

4. Together we will value and respect each other’s feelings and needs

5. Together we will love our children as our parents loved us

6. Together we will aim in this life to grow socially, intellectually and spiritually

7. Together we will live a long, healthy and a happy life filled with love and laughter

Indian Wedding Brisbane54 Indian Wedding Brisbane55 Indian Wedding Brisbane56 Indian Wedding Brisbane57 Indian Wedding Brisbane58 Indian Wedding Brisbane59 Indian Wedding Brisbane60 Indian Wedding Brisbane61 Indian Wedding Brisbane62 Indian Wedding Brisbane63 Indian Wedding Brisbane64 Indian Wedding Brisbane65 Indian Wedding Brisbane66 Indian Wedding Brisbane67 Indian Wedding Brisbane68Indian Wedding Brisbane70 Indian Wedding Brisbane71Indian Wedding Brisbane69

That pretty much sums up Day 1! We can’t wait to share with you Day 2 (Their reception and party at the Marriot on the Gold Coast)

Sam from Perfect Media flew up from Sydney to film Arjun and Meera’s wedding. (He is the BOSS of Indian weddings). We had a ball working alongside each other and riding the horses up and down the road waiting for the Barat parade to begin;)
You can check out the preview of Arjun and Meera’s wedding preview he shot below!

Meera and Arjun’s Wedding Trailer from Perfect Media on Vimeo.

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